Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It had to be you.

MTV photos of Motion City Soundtrack! Yeah, I'm a nerd. Jesse showed me these photos last night (why isn't errebody scurred of the grenade?!). He also showed me a clip from their next video, and I laughed SO HARD, I had tears in my eyes and at one point I may have bit his shoulder in my giggle fit. "Play it again! Play it again!"

Also, last night Erica, Rachel, Jesse and I played Sorry and, well, it transpired as it usually does: Jesse wins a bunch of games and then we all start playing "Beat Jesse."

In the end, he kept me warm and we fell asleep entwined and whispering to each other. We couldn't shut up even though we were exhausted; it just felt so good to be home. For the both of us.

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