Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh Seven Recap: January & February.

January. I entered 2007 with a cleaner slate than ever. I kissed no one on New Years. I initiated my Anti-Dudes Month. Seriously, I was hating big time. I went out a lot with the girls, and trainwrecked like no other (thanks, tequila). Dance parties with my girls and Team Couch (Justin, Tyler, Nick, Jimmy, etc). I did happen to meet a man in January; Steve, my ex, introduced us. But...I was in no state to entertain that idea (I called second dibs later). Celebrated Christy's birthday at the PureVolume Loft! Kells also called me in to work on the Today Show on a segment with Stacy London.

The epitome of trainwreck. It's like my "lesson" photo. Ha.

My girls! PMC! The night I met Jesse.
This pic also deserves a "ha" in retrospect.

February. I got cast in Cartel's video for "Say Anything (Else)." I proclaimed my Anti-Dudes Month over, but that doesn't mean I didn't spend Valentine's Day on my couch between Erica and Erin watching LOST. I got a sidekick. AMBER VISITED!!! I helped set up a showroom for the big ol' fashion designer I work for. After a few raucous hangs and some great conversation, I told Jesse I liked him. Literally, one night at a bar, I said, "By the way, I like you." And we went on our first date on the 27th.

Cartel afterparty. Erica probs yelling at me to find her keys.

Amber visits!

The night I called second dibs.

The beginnings.


  1. Where is March-Now? What about when WE first met?

  2. YOU always have the best recaps. I kinda miss livejournal.

  3. i want more! i scrolled down to keep reading and i was sad that i could only read about the first two months... can't wait for the rest! looks like you had a great year

  4. Becca - you think I'm just going to post two months? That's it? HA. Also, I don't remember meeting you. All I remember is one day you were on a mattress in my place calling it "nestopia." (jk!)

    Jiscil - blogspot is where it's at!

    Sabrina - AMAZING year. The best year. Def. More retrospective coming up :)

  5. this isn't Lost, Jessica, I don't want cliff hangers. I want it all. Now. Immediate gratification like when your mom...nevermind.

  6. reading that recap just made me EXTREMELY nostalgic....and kinda inspired me to be a copycat and do my own.

    and LOL at your redtape eyes.