Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Oh Seven Recap: March & April.

March. Kicked off March as I traditionally have for the last five years - with Kelly's birthday! I became a salaried member of society as my job went from temp to perm. I also reached new heights of happy with my new boyfriend: he gave me an iPod with a Ryan Adams lyric engraved (oh how he knew me so well, even then) and an amazing playlist. Visited Jesse in the studio and met Ric Ocasek. Erica, Jesse, and I got stuck in an elevator because Jesse danced. He came home to meet the parents. He surprised me with one-month-anniversary celebrations; I didn't know people did that and I didn't know how good it could be. The board game fever began. Visits from: Rob, Don, Deidre, Erin, Evan, and Emily! Jesse DJ'd High Voltage and dropped me on the dancefloor in energy-vodka fueled moment. Classic.

Kelly's birthday with the whole Curbside Gang!
Yeah, that necklace says Curbside, obvs.

Seriously, from the beginning we always get dressed, look up and realize we're somehow coordinated. It even makes me queasy.

Erica and Donnie: probs drunk, talking about the sawx.

Who the fuck is that guy?! (Erica Designs.)

One month at the maritime with cupcakes and kisses and barftime.

April. Jesse took me to Philadelphia because I'd never been; a perfect weekend away. I still remember it vividly. He followed me home again and then it was back to Manhattan before he had to leave to Europe for tour. I said goodbye and he turned up at work to say goodbye again...this time with three words. It's funny: just meeting someone, spending nearly every moment with them for a month, and then having to say goodbye for three weeks. Wasn't so bad though - he makes sure of that. All smiles. Elle magazine photoshoot on the rooftop! Curbside Day...I love hanging out with my faves - they are the reason I am sane.

Jesse driving us down to Philadelphia.

Jesse and my mom.

One of the last nights of PMC!
Christy, me, Rob Hitt.

Erica, me, the uuuuzsh.

Kelly, Jiscilla playing Notables on Curbside Day!

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