Saturday, December 1, 2007

This is a Stolen Transmission!

Becca, Erica, Tyler, Ali and I went to the new ST party locale and danced it up. I was too busy dancing to grab a shot of the lovely Tarts Sarah and Karen dj'ing, but it was so fun! Yeah, so the actual label was "let go" from Island yesterday - but everybody was happy and smiling! It was like a celebration.

I hadn't been out in a while (hi, travel) so I was stoked to see Sarah, Karen, Brandon, Joe, Chris Black, etc. Also, just fun getting down on the dance floor with my girls again. Woooooo!

I was starving so we went to Kate's for disco fries and a lovely glass of guiness.

And yeah, I took a pic of Becca's cleav - what of it? I tend to ogle chests in moments of envy.

Also, I bought a $130 hard drive that doesn't work on my computer. (It's old.) So, I probably can't return it, but I'm gonna try anyway. Ugh. Mi computadora es muerto.

I tried staying up for him by watching Secretary, but even that couldn't keep my lids from closing. Ah, the west coast, I envy you too right now.

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