Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Date night.

My Panama update is imminent; lo prometo. I'm waiting to get all of Jesse's photos to go along with my summary so it's more complete.

In other news, tonight is Jesse's last night in New York. He leaves tomorrow for tour around the globe. So we had a little date - we met up after work for dinner and a movie. Great Pan-Asian cuisine and an Oscar-nominated animated film, Persepolis. The film is quite serious in subject matter; it's about an Iranian girl growing up through the tumult of the Islamic Revolution. The animation is spectacular, I cried a lot, and I find it difficult to compare such a film to its fellow nominees, Ratatouille and Surf's Up. We'll see what happens Oscar night.

And so we're back at the apartment and I'm enjoying my new computer. SO MUCH. I'm trying not to think of tomorrow and goodbyes. The last month that he's been home has been incredible. I used to worry that he'd be sick of spending so much time with me when he's home or when we travel together, but the last eleven months has proven that there's little chance of us tiring of the other. My apologies to all of your stomachs and throats that must be tired of barfing when reading this blog.


  1. :) i love people in loveeee

    sorry you had to say goodbye yet again... he'll be back before you know it!

    actually, who am i kidding? the days are not exactly going to fly by (this week waiting to go to philly has felt like a month)

  2. Sean - rule you in POKER! jk jk jk jk. I lost $30, whatevs. But FANX YOU FERRY MUCH!

    Sabrina - ah the slow days of a long distance relationship. Not really something anyone ever gets used to. But it'll be a short break, I'll be well throughout :)