Thursday, January 17, 2008


Via Eric Tan.

Also, for those keeping up, Adam brought me over a slew of comics last night, and I've begun reading Batman: Year One. I'm into it. Thank you Adam!


  1. I am planning on being in New York over the July 4th week/weekend. I will have to bring a few travel-size games with me. Be there or be square, like a game board. Get it?

    Be sure to read "Batman: The Long Halloween and Dark Victory". Two of the best graphic novels ever.

  2. I agree with Jason on those two. I just don't know what happened to my copies haha. And there's a single issue you should read that's pretty awesome, I gotta look for it.


  3. Jason: Awesomeness! New York awaits. And I'd be really interested to see you and Jesse play board games versus each other.

    Adam: My suitcase today is a bit heavy, I think because of the comics you gave me. HA.