Friday, January 11, 2008

Who would like to hear about my morning?

7 AM: Alarm goes off. Snooze. Notice throat has decided to shrink overnight. Will worry about when fully awake. Spoon.

715 AM: Alarm goes off. Fuck. Feel gross.

720 AM: Hacking lungs up in bathroom. Yum.

730 AM: Feel weak, can hardly get my clothes together for work. "Why don't you call in sick and I'll take care of you all day?" -Can't; morning meeting downtown I can't miss. Sigh-(cough!)-sigh.

755 AM: Dressed. Don't have to be to work until 930. Can has more cuddles?

830 AM: Out the door, wrapped up good, medicine in hand to take with first bite of food I can lay my hand on.

910 AM: Exit 42nd Street subway, look up, JAMBA JUICE! Perf.

913 AM: Order a Coldbuster with Daily Vitamin boost.

914 AM: Reach into purse, feel around: no wallet. Recall leaving on coffee table last night after ordering Chinese food.

918 AM: Eye street vendor's fruit stand; weigh consequences of getting caught stealing an apple.

920 AM: Decide against criminal act. Head to meeting.

1040 AM: Borrow 40 cents from coworker for pop tarts out of vending machine. Proceed to break nail.

11 AM: Dayquil taken; feeling better, still slightly weak.

1217 PM: Decide to use my lunch break sans lunch (wahhhh wallet) to update my blog.

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