Friday, February 1, 2008

Things I read today that made me smile.

"Um also, Jack is RIDIC hot, but I haven't watched any of the new season yet b/c I still haven't finished Season 3!! Seriously forget Sawyer though, Jack is the man for me." --e-mail from Amber

"what'd i do in ur dream? take ur picture?" -- Curbside Daily excerpt from Jiscilla

"Also the numbers, sweet sweet numbers... Jack and Hurley’s game of horse at the end... Jack gets H and O and quits. H is the Eighth Letter of the alphabet O is the fifteenth. 8 + 15 = 23... seriously any other show i’d think that stuff like this is a coincidence... with Lost I’m not so sure..." -- Rick's latest blog post

"Bang The Doldrums: Best friends / Ex-friends till the end / Better off as lovers / And not other way around / Racing through the city

OMG! It's like Rob and Lilly's anthem. So touching, so emotional, so vapid. Clearly this is the kind of song Abercrombie & Fitch models want to be hearing on their iPods while giant monsters chase them through urban catacombs." -- Sci-fi blog i09's post about Fall Out Boy's possible influence on Cloverfield (that idea in itself deserves a loud laugh)

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