Friday, February 8, 2008

Why I love my besties.

Our emails last night during LOST:

Christy 9:15pm - SAWYER.
Jessica 9:19pm - JACK!
Christy 9:20pm - S.A.W.Y.E.R!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erica 9:26pm - JACK!!!
Christy 9:31pm - Boo you nestopia-ers! I need jiscilla to help me out with this one...
Jessica 9:33pm - Kells...decision maker...
Christy 9:37pm - COW!
Jessica 9:37pm - Cutest wink ever, Jack.
Christy 9:49pm - COPTER!
Jessica 9:49pm - HOLLERCOPTER!
Kelly 10:22pm - Mmmm dirty sexy angry sawyer!!
Jessica 10:23pm - NO WAY KELLS!
Christy 10:30pm - YES!!!!! ANGRY AND DIRRTY AND SEXY!!!
Jiscilla 9:47am - OMG......I just read the daily from last guyyyyys are cracking me up. Annnnnnd....Decker, I love you...but I think I dig Jack more than Sawyer. :-x