Monday, March 24, 2008

Bye bye.

For now. Had to give my ring back for resizing. Jesse guessed and was only half a size off! He took the only other ring I wear occassionally on my right hand's middle finger and came up with a near-perfect size. Dude's a genius.

But I miss my ring for reals. I actually never liked wearing rings. All evening I've been grasping for it.

-- via hip he's a regular sherlock holmes top


  1. How sneaky of him. And now it will be even more perfect when you get it back. I'm sure you've heard it plenty of times, but it's gorgeous.

    And since I haven't said it yet...congratulations!

  2. aww, you and your ring have formed a bond. too cute.

    -el adam

  3. I've become obsessed with rings lately, and not even ones of the engagement kind, just pretty rings in general. I want all of them.

  4. uau, so lovely!
    i need to buy a beatiful ring, i dont use to wear... kisses

  5. alice - thank you!!!

    adam - it's so true. total bond. it's a wonder i haven't named it.

    nicole antoinette - oddly finding myself in love with rings even more now, too...

    mey - rings are great :)