Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm kit-kats about you people.

One day maybe I'll have Jesse tell his side, about his preparation, and how he pulled off the ultimate surprise, and then you'll all really be crying (ha).

Thank you for all the comments! Thank you to all those special blog posts congratulating Jesse & I! Seriously, that was awesome to go through my Google Reader and see all the shout outs. So I shall shout you out here:

Sarah (I'm so glad you like my disgusting blog) - Aileen (for being the only girl besides Beth that knew!!) - Beth (srsly, you people keep secrets well) - Becca (travel blog via SF) - Emily (I totally "aw"-d reading that) - Erica (vodka soda and mic coming your way) - Jiscilla (for officially confirming the news in the blogosphere haha) - and Jason (totally rad, totally dude-like congrats, see you in July) - oh and even the MCS boards had a congratulations thread :)

Other great reactions:

I called Steve (best exboyf ever who introduced me to Jesse) the night Jesse proposed and he goes, "I knew it! I called it! I feel like a girl right now, I just don't know what questions to ask you! Oh, and I'm singing at your wedding!"

Mark Hoppus IMing Jesse congratulations. HA.

From John on my MySpace comments: What, no AP. net thread yet? I need to get mah forum on!


Last night Jesse and I took my brother (who is visiting New York for the FIRST TIME) to Alligator Lounge with James, Jaime, and Jonah. Yeah, J's hang out with J's. And my brother's name is Travis. Whatever. Anyway, the great thing about Alligator Lounge is that you buy a beer and you get a free whole pizza to yourself. A free pizza per beer. Just sayin'. Travis - way into that.

Then we headed to Trainwreck Tuesday and I got to see a lot of friends who hadn't seen me since before I was engaged (eeee! still freaks me out to write it!). We had met at Rob Hitt's party PMC last January, so Jesse thanked him for making sure he was out that night. (Rob also posted a Trainwreck bulletin yesterday saying to come out for our "Happy Day" and linked this here blog - haha). I got to see a bunch of my favorite girlfriends, too. Everyone seemed genuinely happy for me, and it was a good feeling to show off my brother, fiancee, ring, etc. I'm rarely, if ever, craving to the be the center of attention. I'm just so awkward and klutzy for that. But I was too happy and proud last night to break into sweats. Yay!

Mission accomplished: my brother fully enjoyed New York, and plans to return soon.

As for me, I'm planning on finally doing absolutely nothing tonight. Just a bit of bad reality tv and couch cuddles. Aka bliss.


  1. steve is so great, reminds me that I haven't seen those dudes in a while and that bums me out. what do you think he's going to sing at the wedding..... haha I can only begin to imagine!

    argh I miss new york, as much as I complain about AK I miss the tuesdays! I really have to figure out my schedule for the next few months so I can plan a visit.

  2. Steve is pretty great. He mentioned getting the whole band to play the wedding, ha. We'll see. It will probably be Guns n Roses.

    I know, we complain about AK, but it's the only place where everybody will get together on a Tuesday night. HA. You really MUST plan a visit. Dinners, AK, dancing, etc!

  3. Um, what?!

    A free pizza per beer?

    What the hell was I doing in NYC all through college if I wasn't at that place

  4. nicoleantoinette - it's pretty much the most amazing idea EVER.