Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jesse's back; farts ensue.

I was going to blog from the courthouse as I waited to be summoned to the courtroom, but though I got free wireless, apparently I can't access my blog from Brooklyn's supreme court. Whatever.

My day in summation: sat in the courthouse reading my google reader and reading a new book (uh, I'm just going to throw out that my fave young adult author Christopher Pike wrote an adult book....). After a couple of hours, they finally called the case I'd been assigned to, and then we were told: the case has settled, you can go home.


Met up with the boyfs in the city for some good eats @ Pop Burger. Then we came home and napped (he's been doing some SERIOUS sleeping as of late).

And his farts are still as present as ever:

Literally, we're trying to take a picture together, and he farts.
This is his face when he farts.


But I still adore him. Of course.

In other news, one of Jesse's packages that came to the place had the rare Grammy Nike's in them. Only 200 were made. Seriously - read it here. He got #70 of 200. For free. But seriously, they are AWESOME.

Now we're just awaiting LOST!!!


  1. Best photospread ever!
    You know it's love when you can fart in front of one another...

    or at least you accept that he farts in front of you. =)

  2. wait wait wait wait, Christopher Pike! Like as in Spellbound? The Last Vampire? Monster?

    Is the adult book any good!?

  3. Thanks, Chelsea!

    Sean - YAY! SOMEBODY ELSE READ CHRISTOPHER PIKE BACK IN THE DAY!! It's really good. I'm INTO it. It's not really sci-fi-y, like his other stuff, but it still uses that same brand of mystery around characters (oh, you know, that mysterious girl the dude's in love with). It's very Silence of the Lambs, can borrow, I'll probably be done with it today. :) ALSO YOU RULE FOR KNOWING HIM!!!