Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jury Doody.

Hung out all day at court as a prospective juror. Except I was picked and the trial begins Thursday. Oof!

-- via hip my civil duty top


  1. hehe doody....
    I hope you get an interesting case to jurorize!

  2. ewwwww I hate how it takes SO LONG just to start the whole process!

    at least you have your hunny to look forward to tonight!

  3. it may turn out to be a good experience; also - apparently i can put it on my resume, since it's good to be picked for a jury. WOOT.

  4. I had a 10 week grand jury duty on every friday. It was kinda crazy but fun and it felt like college cause it was in a classroom and pretty informal.

  5. meik - wow, really? i feel like grand jury is more intense, but it was in a classroom? and once a week? that's crazy!