Monday, March 31, 2008

Something wicked this way comes.

I finished my taxes! Yay! With my refund + the rebate, I think I'll have enough to pay for all or a large chunk of my wedding dress. (I said it!)

I felt really accomplished last night as I had done my taxes and paid the bills, but then I got so lethargic as I was trying to clean my room I just fell into bed.

I should backtrack re: this weekend.

On Friday, Erica, Jesse, and I met up with supreme Pug-owner couple Alana & Dimitry for dinner at Roberta's. Yum. The three of us bid adieu after the food and headed to downtown Brooklyn for a show by Jesse's friends in The Hard Lessons. After a long and arduous (no, really) train ride there, we saw one song, but it was great, and good to see them again.

On Saturday Jesse and I went to see Patrick Stewart as Macbeth on Broadway. I was surprised to take in a non-traditional production that was at times reminiscent of the WWII-Stalin era, but at other times entirely contemporary. The background of the stage would sometimes be filled with projected video or pictures, and the sound system helped set the eerie and horror-like mood of the play. Stewart was great; during the ovation he shed a tear as the audience all stood. Jesse and I agreed afterwards that while it was great, it may have been a little over-the-top in spots - the three witches (played by three nurses/maids in the play) turn a semi-musical rap from the famous "toil & trouble" lines of the play. However, I love Shakespeare and it's refreshing to see different takes on it.

After the play, Jesse and I were in Kelly's neighborhood so we grabbed a thai dinner with her. The food was delicious, and we had so much fun catching up with Kelly. Sometimes this city is so fast-paced it's hard to keep up with what everybody's doing if you can't sit down and talk every once in a while.

Saturday night was originally planned as a night out in Brooklyn - a party, some friends at a bar, etc. As soon as Jesse and I got home to Erica, we just didn't feel like leaving. Kelly came over and we drank some spirits and settled in for some Wii, as this was Kelly's first experience. Then Sean, James and Andrew came over somewhere around two am, and the poker started. We were up til six am. Ha.

The next afternoon when our grogginess wore, we all met up again for brunch and then it was TAX TIME. And BILLS TIME. Basically, being a grown-up.

All in all, it was a greatly epic weekend. It's Jesse's last for a while, as he leaves on Friday morning for tour, but I'm not dwelling on it. There's far too much going on to pause and be sad for the sake of being sad.

In random news, I'm taking in my annual reading of the Best American Magazine Writing. This morning on the commute, I read an article by Susan Casey called "Plastic Ocean." It's a scary read about pockets of plastic rubbish in the ocean. Depressing. Just sayin.

Also, LOL Lost. That is all.


  1. Just wanted to say a belated congratulations re: the engagement!!! :) I wish you all the happiness and luck in the world! P x

  2. i like that the reference to "spirits." i spell it "sparks." we are classy.

  3. I wanna see it!! I love seeing famous actors on stage. I saw Christopher Plummer in King Lear a few years back. Bone chilling.

  4. Totes jealous of your Shakespeare viewing, I have tickets for it in May. Siked!

  5. totes jeal you got to have dinner with alana and dimitry! wtf?! i've heard they're so cool!!

    and erica - dat hoe is so fakie!!

    and you and jesse are really cute - you guys should totally get married!

    more robertas soon plz. kthnkbaiiiiiz

  6. I'm responsible for bringing up the LOLlost

    I'll be waiting for my credit just over here.....


  7. dimitry and his "credit"

    the man is such a JEW!!

  8. pippi - thanks!!!

    jesse - SO CLASSY.

    becca - miss you tooooo!

    renee - so worth it!

    michelle - sweet, we'll have to discuss after you see it!

    alana&dimitry - HAHAHA @ fighting on my blog comments

  9. Wait... did I read this right? Did you stay up all night before doing your taxes? lol. Scary!!! :D

  10. Ugh, taxes. Bills. General adultness.

  11. somechick - yeah! but turbotax helps me out :)

    nicole - adultness sucks.