Sunday, March 2, 2008


On Friday night Lauren Ashley had her birthday dinner on our street at the illustrious Roberta's restaurant. Erica and I read the email wrong and got there half an hour early, like dorks, and ordered for ourselves because we were starving. Then two minutes later all thirty guests walked in and we looked like douchebags. It was awesome. I would have been more mortified if my life wasn't already full of embarrassing moments like these.

Yesterday I was walking around doing a bit of shopping of gifts and it was sunny and not too cold. And it started to snow slightly - the flakes came down slowly and lazily and I found myself looking up into the sky and smiling. However, the temperature quickly dropped and I scurried off to the subway. Sometimes I'm completely blown away by stuff like that. I'm nerdy.

Then Sean, James, Adam, Jen and Jaime came over for some poker. I lost. Big time! But I had a couple of good hands. We're eagerly anticipating Jesse's return as a collective group of poker addicts. Adam was fully surprised by seeing me play without Jesse in the room - I has elusive mood differences playing among certain people.

We went over to Justin & Tyler's place for a little living room dance party, but I headed home when everyone went out to the BK bars. Just got tired.

This morning I woke up and re-watched Thursday's LOST because I honestly think it was one of the top five episodes of that show. And I bawled again at the end. You know, being that my own boyfs is in the future, HAHA. False. Except true. It's already tomorrow there...sixteen hours ahead. I'm his constant. And Erica is Jonah's.

Then Erica and I met up with Kells and Christy for BIRTHDAY HANGS ! We decided to see The Other Boleyn Girl, even though Kelly and I have had other bad experiences with Scarlett Johanssen in period films (we sat through The Girl with the Pearl Earring together.) All in all the movie was...TERRIBLE. If you'd ever like to exact revenge on anyone, tell them to see this movie. Holy crap. The directing was AWFUL - scenes would consist of snippets of dialogue, take about a minute each before we were cut to some other horrendously composed shot, and almost always be seen through a freakin' castiron fence. Also, tooooooo many natural birthing scenes. DO. NOT. WANT. All of us sat there giggling through most of it, and our faces pale and not even looking at the screen during the aforementioned scenes. Talk about the makings of a horror movie. Also, nobody looked good. If even Jim Sturgess (lovely o lovely Jude from Across the Universe) doesn't look good, it's bad. Natalie was okay, and Scarlett pretty much just looked wilty and horrified and like her boobs were going to explode the entire time. Wait, this is turning into rant. Oh wait, it already is. NEVER SEE THIS MOVIE.

Then we headed to Lil Frankie's for some YUM Italian food. Sandorable met up with us and our dinner for the amazing person that is KELLS FOR THE WIN was a hit. Kelly is one of the most remarkable people on this planet; I can't say that enough. She's somebody I wholeheartedly admire, and I wish I could only be an eighth of the person she is. Aka SHE RULES.





Also, yo Kells, I was trying to get Lil' Mama to call you up with birthday wishes...but she was busy dealing with triflin' bitches...sorry. Next year? Hope you liked the dvd. ;)

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  1. there's actually a food restaurant near your apartment? since we only live 6 blocks away...we should all meet up for dinner in the bk soon!