Sunday, April 6, 2008

Making my way back to the internet.

My eyes feel better. Not one-hundred percent quite, but better. I've gone the weekend without internet, and I think it should help for the upcoming week of work and uh, my internet addiction. Thanks for all the nice commentos.

Let me try to summarize the last few days quickly...

I had to leave work on Thursday morning to go to the doctor's because my eyes were KILLING me. I can't even explain it. But the doctor couldn't figure out what it was, and just gave me some prescription eye drops, which have helped.

Jesse was busy getting ready to leave for tour, but he (being the awesome fianz that he is) totally took care of me. He walked me to the pharmacy and made me dinner and kissed my eyelids. Perf perf barf perf.

He left early Friday morning, and I was sadder than I usually am. Since the beginning of our relationship these separations have always been inevitable, and I'm fine with it. But Friday morning I felt it more than usual. Maybe it's because he's now my fiancee, but I don't know. I miss him harder, too. He's only been gone two days and I miss his presence. I hug my pillow a lot. Ha.

But not to worry, my girls are always there to make me smile!

On Friday night, Erica and I were sitting home relaxing when Rob Hitt invited us over for hangs at his place. We went over and it ended up being a nice little party. Lauren Ashley and I discussed her kittens, Suarez mentioned something about dropping that Jesse and I were engaged in a podcast interview (??), and a ton of dancing around in a tiny living room. Small gathering, big fun. Great people. [Sidenote: Happy Birthday to Alex Suarez!]

On Saturday the Curbsiders sans Christy (who's cavorting in China for two weeks - kavorking? - inside joke for Dex) got together at Kells' Hells Kitchen apartment for hangs. Our afternoon extended into the night...into the early morning. Jiscilla sums it up pretty well over on her blog. I will say that we thoroughly enjoyed the Christopher Walken-hosted SNL in a Sparks-induced frenzy. I was certainly in a frenzy. We (me?) had a little Panic dance party before we traipsed out at three am. Then we got hit on a lot yadda yadda yadda and went to the SNL after after party and danced to oldies until the Sparks wore off and then Erica and I wanted to pass out. We got home at six am and I woke up at some point this afternoon...but I feel okay!

I told you I dance. Party.

Oy, I can feel the burn coming back to my eyes. How will I survive this week?


  1. aw, congrats on the engagement!! Haven't stopped by your blog in too long...

    also, hope your eyes feel better soon!! and ps i'm linking you :)

  2. aw, congrats on the engagement!! Haven't stopped by your blog in too long...

    also, hope your eyes feel better soon!! and ps i'm linking you :)

  3. (sorry about the double posting - my browser is doing weird things today!!)

  4. hey! no prob. i added you to my blogger roll :) thanks for your congrats. i'm catching back up on blogs this week! but it's totes awesome you're moving to nyc. woot!

  5. My eyes hurt like CRAZY right before I get sick. Just a thought. But I'm probably a big freak, haha

  6. Your eyes and my throat need to throw a germ party or something.

  7. Parker, I just got really sad for you that Jesse is gone. :(

    Amazing time with you girls this weekend, though...obvs. xoxoxox

  8. I'm glad your eyes are doing better. I've had my eyes go wonky before where they hurt real bad and watered nonstop and looking into anything bright was horrible. So hopefully youll be back 100% soon!
    I've missed your blogs! Hehe

  9. hope you feel better soon!

    and that's a lot of hair - you rock!

  10. Hope your eyes feel better soon, it sounds very painful. Rest those precious eyes of yours now!

  11. Glad the eyes are working. I got pink eye in high school and the DROPS were what blinded me! I couldn't go outside because light blinded me. Odd.

    Anyways, love the dance pic! lol... rock on!

  12. Hey, homey... new blog. <3

  13. nicole antoinette - i've never had my eyes hurt like crazy before getting sick! that's weird!

    renee - hahaha i think i just may have puked at the thought of a "germ party." just adding more to the fun.

    jiscilla - no worries about me. it tends to sink back into the depths when i'm around you girls :)

    beth - yeah, i hope my eyes get better soon too! i'm still trying to catch up on everybody's blogs, oof. enjoying your pics of the day and i wish i was in california all warm right now!!

    chris - thanks! my hair can get pretty unruly.

    chele - i'm trying i'm trying!!

    somechick - oh MAN, the eyedrops kill me whenever i put them in. but then my eyes feel miraculous. for about an hour. and i can only put them in every four hours. lame.

    liz - okay, you're the queen of moving on the internet. :)