Monday, April 28, 2008

No time.

Hi. Been quite busy at work. Quite busy after work. I do have to shout out a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BECCA, cause she's awesome. We're celebrating tomorrow night at TRAINWRECK, come for fun. Spent tonight with a delightful episode of the Casey&Mom Show...really a great one, as M. Tracht was pretty much there since its inception. Also did some writing. Have been reveling in it. It's been a while. Feeling productive. Decided to post that rant...but will save for tomorrow, as I should probably edit out much (but probably not all) of the expletives. I got crass. The fianz and I videochatted tonight, but I won't burden you with the many snapshots I took. I love seeing him laugh :)

Quote of the day via The Age of Innocence (I'm such a sucker for period books):

"Do you know -- I hardly remembered you?"
"Hardly remembered me?"
"I mean: how shall I explain? I -- it's always so. Each time you happen to me all over again."
"Oh, yes: I know! I know!"
"Does it -- do I too: to you?"


  1. That line is nice....

    You writing a lot huh? Like whhhhhat? Hmmmm?

  2. Sean - you might see it someday. Actually, I'm pretty sure you will. :)

  3. Oh, geez. Now i'm totally 'cited! hahaha. oh, the internet.

    Pre-game hangs tonight?

  4. you look so pretty in this picture!

    i take that you didn't find your dress yet? don't you worry... it takes a ton of time they say!

  5. I did an enormous literary paper on The Age of Innocence in high school. Man, flashbacks.

    Anyway, I think I need to spend some time at a place called Trainwreck. Seriously.

  6. love that you love classic literature. it is sort of my obsession. they always have such epic romances. sigh. like, said before, mr. darcy. i havent read the age of innocence yet, but perhaps i should take it up this summer with a beautiful scene such as that. i need to dream. haha.

  7. nicole antoinette - come to nyc on a tuesday and we'll trainwreck it up ;)

    lindsay - i love classic literature. i love most literature. except for male coming-of-age stories, because...uh, it's boring. boys are easy. (haha jk) anyways, it's kind of a downer book! just warning you!! it's about crap marriage and unrequited love and life having to be that way because of social rules. but, beautifully written.

  8. ah, well, unrequited love is my life. so i suppose i can relate better to that than the coming-of-age boy stories. so ill take it! ;D