Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Every aching wound...

So, Motion City came out with an Acoustic EP today that I've been listening to, and you should get in on it. It's seriously amazing. It's all re-arranged and pretty and cute and rockin' and sweet and...plain crazysexycool. But not like TLC, cause they don't do too much r&b-wise. Also, you better already have their EVEN IF IT KILLS ME album (cappy cap caps)...but if not, buy that TOO. In fact, you can get them togeths! Tell me whatchoo think. How awesome is "Fell in Love Without You"?! Answer: Oh so very, very.

BUY HERE! OR HERE! OR .... right here.


  1. I bought the acoustic tracks this morning and in fact, I am listening to them right now! "Fell in Love Without You" is definitely amazing, beautiful, etc, etc. I really like the new arrangements of all the tracks, especially "Broken Heart."

  2. alice - yay! yeah, they did a a really great job with all the songs. :)

    nicole antoinette - buy it! buy it! (is this new to you??)

  3. bought them yesterday but after your enthusiastic sales pitch, i might buy them again, and yea fell in love without you is my fave.