Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Make something with what's in your head.

I can do nothing else right now but be random. My Google Reader spilleth over. I need time to play catch-up.

This weekend was righteous (yeah, I'm gonna pull out that word) and mainly because I got to simultaneously relax, hang with friends, and see Jesse.

Sum sum sum...it up -----

On Friday, Erica, Colleen and I went to margaritaville post-work and it had a free buffet. Our friend Bridgewater (comma Justin) was DJ'ing at Arrow bar for a "Pre-Bamboozle" party and it had two-fer-one deals. Becca joined, as well as Lauren Ashley (+some Cobra Clan kids - who were awesome). We then traipsed to other bars and realized it was TEN PEE EM. We got to Sarah&Karen's party entirely too early and then left just as Karen walked in. We are old ladies, just so you know.

On Saturday, Sean, James, Rachel and I went to the Olive Garden since I hadn't been there in ages and sometimes you just need the bread-salad-soup deal. We enjoyed a hearty meal and saw Matt Pinfield on the way out. The rest of the afternoon was spent lolligagging about the apartment until Erica and Colleen returned from EmoFest '08 exhausted. We nixed any idea of afterparties and settled on the couch to watch 27 Dresses. No, really.

On Sunday, I woke up mega-early to take a shuttle to lovely Secaucus, NJ because Jesse had rolled up!! It was so early, that when I got there we just crawled in a bunk and fell asleep all cozy until the first band started playing, and, well, they were loud and very, very, very bad. It was a fun day, though I tried to steer clear of the crowds. Tried so hard that I didn't get to see a lot of people I knew in the tents - my (awkward and desperate crowd-personality) bad! Mainly hung out with Joyce & Sarah. I saw Bret Michaels, sans Ambre, but with Big John, who was a bit skeezy. HAHA - I laugh at grammar with that last sentence. I LAUGH AT IT.

But Motion City Soundtrack's set was awesome! They came out with a drum line to "Everything is Alright," and then Erica might have thrown away fries and I might have pointed at them as a joke (this, is also a joke...of the inside variety).

It felt good to reach out and find him there again. It's something I've never felt, whatever we've got going here, and I know it's the best feeling in the whole entire world. It's good to stumble upon something you've never expected. And it's good to say "yes" to that person when they ask (please).

Perhaps I should curb my writing? Am I getting too weird?

I digress.

Yesterday after work Jesse and I met up with the likes of Erica, Becca, Colleen, Perry, Lauren Ashley and Suarez @ Red Bamboo for a filling meal. Jesse introduced me to his friend Rick who came in a bit later, and he was pleasant. Jesse then made fun of me the entire way to the movie theater because I didn't know Rick is in Jimmy Eat World. My brain malfunctioned especially when he mentioned touring with Paramore and in my mind I was like, "Hmmm...who's touring with Paramore...??" Anyways, Jesse made fun of me cause I'm a big fan (obvs) but it's not like I recognize a lot of people in bands unless I've met them or they're like, Dave Grohl.

We went and saw Iron Man and I absolutely loved it. Mainly cause Robert Downey Jr (RDJ) carried that movie spectacularly and I'm just a comic book movie NERD. When we sat down (this is where I get to make fun-slash-get back at Jesse), Jesse is like, "Did you see who's sitting behind us?" And I didn't. And it was Jay Manuel of America's Next Top Model (white hair) and Jesse recognized him. Just sayin'. However, things quickly turned afoul (I know not where my words and structure comes from today) as Jay and his friend talked during much of the movie. I think that is SO aggravating.

Tonight I play catch-up. Tomorrow Jesse cruises back into town for two nights @ Roseland and then I head to the Philadelphia and Connecticut shows this weekend. Me? I'm pretty excited.

I need to cut this short. Make some room. Part Two soon.


  1. i saw you standing on the stage for motion city and i SO tried to wave to you while i was crowd surfing - unfortch the little girlies and bros in the crowd shanangled (merriam webster doesn't approve of this word) me to the opposite side of the crowd from where you were. needless to say, you looked quite adorable in all your motion city loving glory.

    p.s. see you in connecticut!

  2. aw sounds like you had a great weekend! it's pretty funny that Jesse recognized jay manuel...LOL

    love the pic too :)

  3. not ok with the rdj vs Christian bale tag...mainly because there is no real competition there.

    Alllsssoooo I love that you described someone as "pleasant", and that you went to olive garden, and that you can be so awesomely rando.

    <3s you

  4. lauren - yessss! can't wait to hang with you that day! i miss you!!!!!! jesse and i will probably be up for anything. plus, erica tells me you're our ride to the train station after the show.

    jess - thanks!

    dex - i didn't think there was either but...sometimes bale can be a little stoic, no? i loved RDJ's charisma in iron man...to me, they're both sexy dudes. but i think i might prefer the company of tony stark to that of the nearly untouchable heart of bruce wayne. omg, did i just get that girl-nerdy about comic book characters?!

  5. first of all, you're adorable & i love your hair.
    now that that's out of the way- he recognized jay manuel!? that's hilarious. i'd love to see that guy, even if he is kinda strange.

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