Saturday, July 19, 2008

Going to see The Dark Knight in New York.

I'm not going to write about The Dark Knight. At least, not yet. I mean, I've only seen it once! :) There are no spoilers. I will talk about the general experience of seeing it...

James and I waited in line from 5pm for the 830pm show. I'm glad we did. Our friends met up with us and joined the sweatfest, and we were able to get some really great seats. There's something to be said for having to do this for a big opening to a movie in New York. It can seem annoying, but I think it's all part of the fun.

I also love geeking out (obvs) and the fact that we were in a giant theater full of other people who had also bought their tickets a month ahead of time, who also waited in a line that stretched from 42nd Street around the block onto 8th Avenue, and who had to see it opening night - well, it was fun. It was a room of nerds who clapped mightily after the Watchmen preview (AMAZING on the big screen, eagerly anticipating it on IMAX). I usually don't like clapping during the movie, but this was THE DARK KNIGHT. Everybody was silent when the movie started: this is what we'd been waiting for. And when something amazing happened: a plot twist, a great line, an unbelievable stunt - we all clapped.

Afterwards, my friends and I stumbled out onto the streets of Times Square New York, feeling a little like we had just walked out onto Gotham (though I know it was filmed in Chicago), but for all intents and purposes, seeing it in New York, the way we did, was just about perfect.


  1. Omg...chills from just reading that, no lie. I can't wait to see it. I'm assuming that bale was amazing as usual?!

  2. I wasn't planning on seeing this- but now maybe I should?

  3. cant wait to see this...ahhhh chicago...
    also - all the promo posters for this have be A-mazing! but i think this is the best one i have seen. thats some GENIUS design.

  4. ohmygosh I'm so friggin jealous! I'm sure it was fantastic. I can't wait!

  5. Wasn't it amazing? Probably the best movie I've seen in, um, ever?
    I did it the same way you did- bought my tickets forever in advance and waited to see it. I went to the midnight showing on Thursday night and the entire theatre- and all auditoriums- were packed with people. It was so fun.

  6. dex - i know you're seeing it today...we will discuss later - i want to see it again so badly!

    nicole antoinette - you definitely should! it's such an all-around great film, regardless of the fact if you're into batman or not. the acting, directing, sound - it's all there, and it's actually a quite dark, frightening, and suspenseful movie!

    ang - i know! the posters are incredible...and i loooove this one. i was actually in chicago during lollapalooza last year and MCS had to move their tour bus because they were filming for dark knight. i ran out there but no actor sightings - lame. i totes wanted to see bale.

    lyndsey - go NOW!

    sandy - yes, i would say it's already topping the all-time lists...though it's def #1 for this year. holy CRAP it was good.

  7. Thought this was funny...