Sunday, July 27, 2008

Literally last time I'm coming to Rochester.

So I've been stuck at the Rochester Airport since 930 AM this morning. Do you know what time it is right now? 8 PM. That's cool. Our flight ALMOST took off but all flights to JFK were grounded due to weather. And so they took us back to the gate, and now I've been in this very tiny airport for far too long. Melissa's flight got delayed as well, even though hers was three hours after mine, and oh, she's on the tarmac as I write. I have a friend here in Carla, another BU lady, who miraculously is on the same flight as me. We're at our wit's end, as we were supposed to board at 8 PM and they just said we've been pushed back again, we won't know until 815, and "the flight still has potential to be cancelled. "I'm sorry, you're going to cancel NOW? After we've been waiting for 10 hours? Really? I'm obviously frustrated. I miss home.


  1. wow that sucks a whole lot - hope you're home by now!

  2. Definitely the downside to traveling. Ick.

  3. thanks, dudes. i made it home. sigh.