Thursday, July 10, 2008

You wear the heart of the unfortunate at night.

Seriously, there's a long post in my drafts that I will publish tonight regarding the past week. It's a doozy full of pics! I've been coming off the general excitement and stress, and am only beginning to feel better after a good night's sleep last night. My body was having none of it!

Jesse's tucked away in Alaska right now, far out of my reach, and sadly, out of my time. I woke up this morning to the simultaneous alarm song (an Empires one, obvs) and the text message ding on my phone: Jesse was going to sleep just as I was waking up for work. Big sigh.

This week I saw two movies - Wanted and The Incredible Hulk. I was iffy on both, but liked the innovative action in Wanted mixed with it's Fight Club-ish humor/style. I'd been previously introduced to the director, a Russian fellow, through his Russian film Nightwatch, that Justin had been feverish about last year on the MCS bus. That film's directing was incredible, but the story didn't draw me in. Wanted achieved both, thankfully. James McAvoy - you're coming around to me, even though I hated Atonement and you eerily remind me far too much of Dan Rydell.

The Incredible Hulk was decent, but honestly, it was just okay until the final (terrifying) action sequence and the Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man) cameo. It was well-made, but not one of my favorite comic book movies. It was nice seeing Norton run around half-naked most of the film, but all that was wiped away by the nicely-suited two-minute appearance of Downey Jr. I think Iron Man just knocked Norton out of my Five. Not that I have one anymore, cause I'm engaged and all...

Speaking of engaged, I saw photos of Anne Hathaway at the Italian premiere of Get Smart and she was wearing my wedding dress. I'm not even attempting to look up the designer, because I already know whatever that is - I can't have it. But I can look at it and sigh dreamily.

Back to work, huge update tonight :)


  1. HI Jessica! I'm Emily, friends with Andrew from MAI. I started reading your blog when I saw it on your facebook page. Just wanted to say I love reading it and if you want to check out the ramblings of a fellow bride-to-be I have a blog too:

  2. I didn't know RDJ was in Hulk for a few minutes. Is it sad that knowing that makes me want to see it now?

  3. sweet, i kid you not i've been waiting for that update.


    not that reading about half naked men and wedding dresses ISN'T my cup of tea or anything silly like that.

  4. emily - love the blog, it's in my reader :) hallo!

    jamie - uh, totes not sad at all. i was NOT interested in the hulk (even with norton attached) until i heard there was a cross-cameo. yessss!

    sean - i'm going to stab you.

  5. so you've abandoned punchinng for stabbing?

    i like your style.

  6. I wish James mcavoy had a baby so we could put him on dudes and babies. I have a huge crush (due to the last king of scotland...last movie during which anyone could ever develop a crush...but whateves).

  7. sean - i switch it up every now and then. we should get another poker game on the table soon. this weekend?

    dex - so weird that you comment about that movie and crushes, because jesse and i saw that movie on our first date. isn't that weird??? so NOT romantic...but crush = developed. OH THE IRONY OF YOUR COMMENT.

  8. I liked Wanted, too- and I think I have a thing for James McAvoy now.
    Sorry about Jesse being in Alaska- distance sucks!

  9. sandy - james mcavoy definitely became appealing via wanted. he was all good and actor-y in atonement and last king of scotland...but now he's hot, too. :) and the distance, well, that's just been the norm for all my relationships i guess. it's different now, though! ;)

  10. I feel the SAME exact way about Wanted. I mentioned to my friends it reminded me of Fight Club ish and I was totally made fun of. It was visually awesome and James McEvoy was great. I really enjoyed it overall but the story was SO dumb.

  11. kristen - yeah, the story was dumb and the whole loom thing was stupid - but then they kind of went and made fun of it itself, so i forgave it. ha

  12. Anne's dress is Valentino...