Friday, August 22, 2008

I know all the tricks from Bricks to Kingston.

On Wednesday, Jesse recieved an email from a friend inviting him to some Nike store opening in SoHo Thursday night. Jesse replied sure and got me on the list, too. We both didn't know exactly what it was, but figured it might be something like other store openings or retail parties are like (free booze, clothes, fun).

I got back from work yesterday and we decided to go out to dinner near this other party we'd been invited to for InSound, except when we got near the bar there was literally nowhere to eat. So, in my new purple heels, we trudged around many a block to finally find a restaurant that didn't have dead animals hanging in the front window. The food was good, but not great. I can't even remember the name of the place.

We cabbed it back to the InSound party (um, blisters plus that's how far we walked), and got some tasty free margaritas along with Jonah and Keller hangs. I mentioned to Keller we were going to some Nike party and he was like, "WHAT?! You got into that??" and described the certain exclusivity of garnering entrance to the soiree. Interesting.

Non-phased, Jesse and I headed to 21 Mercer Street, except it was blocked off. Because Nike closed down a block of Mercer to have a block party for it's store opening. Jesse and I looked at each other like, hm, this looks like it's a big deal, I wonder if we're still okay to get in...

So we get to the "door" and get ushered in by Jesse's friend without a hitch. His friend passes us off to a runner that takes us to the "Nike carpet" to get our picture taken. EEP. I'm wearing jeans, my Radiohead tee, purple H&M heels, and no makeup. WTF. Was not prepared for that. I posed awkwardly and then we were led into the other half of the block where two giant countdown screens were poised alongside the doors to the new Nike Sportswear store. There was free hot dogs, corn dogs, pop corn, ice cream, booze, etc., etc., etc. It was insanity.

Jesse kind of flipped out because Kobayashi of the Hot Dog Eating Fame was there and he was regretting not having his camera to take a pic with him. Ha. There were a lot of random celebrities there, and Mark Ronson was dj'ing, and there were a lot of people I recognized but couldn't place them.

I ran to the bathroom at one point, and when I got back there, there was a whole marching band's drum line standing post. Hm. Jesse went to the bathroom and all the dudes from Brand New (except for Lacey) were in there (together??) and were like, "Hey! Motion City Soundtrack!" Hahahaha.

Back at the party, the countdown clock winds down to 00:00 and well, then we hear the drum line. It was hot. Srsly. So they march from the back to the doors and then after their little performance, Spike Lee appears on the steps of the doors and hollers at the boroughs (biggest one was for BK, obvs) and then he introduces Roger Federer (oh hi) and they open the doors and craziness ensues.

Jesse and I opted out of trying to get in the store - looked like packed-in bad news. We hung out in the stadium seats acquired for the event and just people-watched and drank the free beer. Jesse has several pics on his iPhone that I will share at some point. For now I will just show you some other people who were there (via this site.)

Old friends. Whatevs.

Ronson in the same place Jesse and I got our pics taken.

I did not look as put-together as Maria Sharapova, therefore I'm glad I didn't find the pics of Jesse and I when I searched Getty & WireImages this morning. Phew.

Edit: Here's a bit more about the party on HypeBeast!

I actually can't wait to tell my brother that I was at a party with Maria Sharapova. I mean, sure, I didn't meet her or even see her, but whatever. HA. This weekend six of my friends and I are heading to my parents house for a weekend extravaganza for my brother's birthday. There will be backyard sportage and a keg. Reporting to commence probably when we all get our beers at Grand Central waiting for MetroNorth this evening. :)


  1. Ah that would have been awesome if you were on WireImage! Sounds like a cool party!

  2. That's awesome - and you guys can afford to be underdressed, you can play the roll of rock and roll couple unaffected by it all = )

  3. Uh, wait, are you saying that going to this Nike party was more exciting than drinking free Colt 45 with me and Annie in Chinatown?

  4. kristen - it was cool, but the way i was dressed, i'm glad i wasn't on wireimage!

    paula - indeed.

    kyla bea - hahahahahaha

    jonah bayer dot org - yes.