Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I lied. I did.

Okay, sorry to break it to you all, but I have ONE MORE THING to say about the Jonas concert. Robert Schwartzman of ROONEY and THE PRINCESS DIARIES rose out of the center of the stage with a piano and singing an "unreleased" song with the three dudes. SRSLY! Okay, at first, I was so confused because of a conversation Lauren Ashley and I had regarding Mr. Schwartzman and Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet (I decree Robert winner) and then I realized it was actually MY fave on stage, and not LA's, and this is a really weird post, amirite?

I had a really fun night. I sang and skanked around to Erica's Trainwreck set of "Just a Girl" right into "The Impression that I Get" and then screamed, "YEAH 1995!!!!!" and everybody laughed and then some old dudes hit on me and then I flashed my ring and said, "What's up?!" and then got on the subway home and then did that whole "What's up?!" routine again and now I am home and had a lovely video chat with Jesse (and the rest of MCS idling by) and I am really very happy even though it was a stressful day, and sometimes I enjoy writing in run-on sentences, and lookatme! I am an excellent inebriated typer.

Good with vocab too.


  1. I saw Rooney live a year ago and you betcha I danced like a fool and sang "I'm sh-sh-shakin! Sh-shakin!"

    Their last album was such a disappointment though.

  2. i don't even listen to rooney, i just lurve robert schwartzman. haha