Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Top Artists this Week (Jul 28 - Aug 3)

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I'm a little late, forgive me. But it's been hectic! I didn't forget, though. I'd obviously been listening to Four Year Strong last week, knowing that I would catch at least one of their sets this past weekend. I couldn't believe their crowd. The band itself was energetic and hard-hitting; but the audience made it. Every single person in that crowd was jumping and throwing up their fists and completely into it.

In related news, I played She & Him in the car ride from Milwaukee to Chicago and Matt became a fan! He said he even downloaded the album that night when we got to the hotel - when we were wipe-out exhausted. I feel accomplished.

So much going on this week, I still haven't gotten to the "new" music that I'm sure will be dusty and old by the time I get to it. I just like to be able to give my full attention to new artists, and sometimes I'm so groggy in the morning and so anxious in the evenings on my way home, I can't deal with new stuff. As you can probably tell, I do most of my listening via subway commute.

I'll be wrapping up the rest of my fun weekend in a bit!


  1. Oooh, I haven't heard She & Him yet and I'm dying to - I have an out of control thing for Zooey & everything she does, it's completely embarrassing.

  2. kyla bea - then you are going to love she & him if you love everything zooey! she's amazing. :)

  3. brand new is always a classic choice. yum. HAVE YOU LISTENED TO SAY HI YET!? cmon girl!

  4. I just downloaded She and Him! LOVE it.

  5. i love that your blog shows up on my google alerts

  6. lindsay - I KNOW! i'm emailing my friend rick RIGHT NOW to tell him to send it to me, because he's been telling me to listen to that band too. haha :) thanks for the recommend!

    kristen - aren't they amazing?! i think they're adorable and fun and thank youuuuuuuu m. ward & zooey

    gaby - hahaha that just gives me MORE incentive to write about FYS. to be in your inbox. :)