Thursday, August 14, 2008

Burnin' up on my phone.

Found these on my sk from this past week's hangs with Joyce...and Erica's Metro Station poster. Erica didn't find it in the trash, though, like the JoBros one. :)

-- via hip you will never make me "shake it" to metro station top


  1. I concur to NEVER shake it to metro station. Also you totes should have taken that Jo Bros poster out of the trash. Some tween worked real hard on that!! JK it was me :)

  2. Isn't the guy in metro station miley's brother?
    All I know is, this disney crap? So done with it. I've heard wayyy too much about the Jonas Brothers, Miley/Hannah whatever and etc. Ick.

  3. In the immortal words of the sandlot... you're killing me smalls

  4. kristen - HAHAHA !!!!

    sandy - yep, miley's brother. metro station toured with mcs last year. it was...interesting.

    rick - i know, i know. I'LL STOP!!

  5. HAHAHAHAAHA! I really like that picture of me and Erica... like a lot really... like I'm probably going to steal it... yes, I'm a little late, but my compy bit it in
    ny and I just got a new one... yay!

  6. joyce - woo new computer! steal it! :)