Thursday, August 28, 2008

Worse that can happen is I spill some on my $3000 suit. Come on!

(via whateverlolawants)

Dudes in stylish and tailored it. It's kind of tragic seeing a man in an unfitting suit - the worst is when the jacket & its shoulders are just too big for a guy's smaller frame.

Also, something I love from Mad Men = the square-topped sliver of the pocket insert, as opposed to triangled.

Um, this was Jessica being sartorial.

PS This is actually what me being sartorial would look like: CATORIAL !


  1. You know he's originally from St. Louis...

  2. LOL I read the sartorialist on a daily basis that's fucking brilliant.

  3. (Gave you some blog love today - check it out!)

  4. kristen - uh, yes.

    jason - why, i wrote bout that last time he was mentioned! :)

    kyla bea - catorliast = amazing