Monday, September 1, 2008

C'mon, put yourself in danger !

I'm writing from a hotel room in Kansas City, Missouri. Last night Trevor and Angie got married and it was sweet and great fun, and now I'm nursing Jesse's hangover. I got him some coffee and a muffin, and now he's attempting to sleep off what's left of it before we head to his mother's home a couple of hours away in central Missouri.

We've been having a lot of fun here, and I can't wait to share the details. For now, I'll give you one-sentence recaps of each night:

Friday - "There's a stripper in Kansas City who loves The Ting Tings."

Saturday - "Let's show up to the rehearsal dinner with bocce ball, two cases of BL Limes, and two hours early."

Sunday - "Of course, I wrote my vows on my blackberry."

You can't wait for me to fill in the details, I'm sure! Now, I'm looking at my Google Reader for the first time in three days. Not only has Jiscilla shared SEVENTY SIX items (srsly, girl??), but Ryan Adams has posted 97 times, annndddd apparently I missed something called "Blog Day" and Angilio gave me a sweet shout-out and don't worry, I'm totes rainchecking that day since I was OUT. (Kyla Bea also shouted me out, but expect a more thorough description as to why these girls & their blogs rock in the near future...grammar will be better then, too!)

Finally, if you'd like some great pictures of my parent's house and all the fun we had last weekend for my brother's birthday, check out Jiscilla's gallery HERE !!!

LOVE IT! Okay, I better wake up that boy so we can get this show on the road!


  1. I loved up your house with my camera in case you didn't notice. Let's go back soon.

  2. ...oh, and I'm catching up on my google reader...yeesh! Haha...I'm nuts, I know.

  3. jiscills- Love the pic of the books
    and LOL at sean+your dad


  4. jiscills, love your pics...and yeah, dex, i didn't know those books were even in my house, but i love the titles and placement. :)