Monday, September 15, 2008

So fetch.

I've decided to enjoy the new Facebook. Erica and I were sitting on the couch tonight yelling profanities at each other, as we're prone to do, and then we were laughing for a good long time when we read our "wall-to-wall" conversation on Facebook. Thought I'd share the classic quips.

Classic Casey & Mom Show.

If you have Facebook, you can show this here blog some love too:

Yeah, I don't know what that little box is either, but click and we shall see, right? Click on JOIN MY NETWORK!

Well. That's enough fun for tonight.


  1. oooh i am loving this new facebook blog network thingy, thanks for the tip

  2. Okay you guys are too funny! hahah seriously your comment about dingleberries and emo kids is too much.

    How did you get that little blog network widget thingy? I'm a big failure at facebook so I wouldn't know if it was right in front of me!

  3. jamie - we are ridic. to help, if you go to "blog networks" then click on your blog page on facebook, under the thumbnail there should be a thing that says "promote your blog" - click that! and the html is there :)

  4. Joined! Facebook confuses the heck out of me!

  5. kristen - yay!! thanks! i need like 20 people to really do something. i don't know why there are all these rules. add me as a friend too! or i'll just go and look for you and do it.