Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pre-sleep musings.

Maybe if I make a super, totally rad, awesome work-out mix, it will motivate me to join a gym. Right? I need to make time to create the perfect mix, and it will have to be all music that I simply can't sit to. I have a lot of those. Sometimes you'll see me on the subway tapping me foot or slightly bouncing my hip to the beat in my headphones. Sometimes a song comes on in my room and I just start dancing. These are the songs I need to remember to put on my get-healthy-gym-motivator mix. Yes. I think it could work.

And then I need to get an iPod shuffle. And make some time to logistically make THE mix. Yes, yes, yes.

Except it has to be so amazing I have to power through all the reasons I never attended a gym regularly before: other people, sweating, showers, way more sweeter things at home, etc. Okay, I can do this. Maybe I'll share my mix with you if I'm done, happens. Oof.


I know I still haven't updated about last weekend. I'm exhausted. I haven't caught up on my favoritest of blogs or done much else other than work, keep abreast of politics, say hi to New York, and get about five million errands done 'cause...responsibilities - I has them. So much to do, still. I need to chill OUT this weekend and perhaps after I get some things accomplished, I can write a whole lot.

I should sleep, as I stated I was tired already, and maybe something resembling peace will come about in my dreams. Nothing's really helped ease me into sleep tonight. Sometimes that happens.


  1. i love putting together a good work out mix, but i never go to the gym. not even when i worked for the ymca and had a free membership! too many people, i'd rather do it at home...i can turn the music all the way up that way too, haha. :)

  2. amanda jo - gyms give me the creeps and make me feel the most self-conscious of any place