Friday, September 12, 2008

Would've made for decent fiction.

Adam caught some great shots last Sunday in Wading River. These are obviously far better than my sidekick photos, so I wanted to share them. They span the whole day from the motel hangs to the video shoot at the beach. Good job, Adam! You can see the rest of the set on his flickr!

Jesse, contemplating.

We are the best spokespeople ever for Bud Light Lime. Us and Santogold.

I love this shot of Beth. Mainly because this is probably after we just saved two bees from drowning in BL Lime.

"Oh hai. I like ur faze."

Bocce on the beach!!! In my wind-blown dress.

Jessica, contemplating.
(Probably about how the wind + my dress makes my body look funny.)

Justin, doing the thing.

Tony, beach.

Justin, squint.

Matt, wings.

I waved goodbye to that heart of mine.

Here are all the girls on the bus watching the Jonas Brothers on the VMAs. The men left the lounge in disgust!

Don't forget to check out the rest!


  1. awesome shots. just added you as a flickr friend :)

  2. Ooo! Great pics... that one of you on the rock is especially sweet :)

  3. Ah love the photos! Looks like the perfect fall day. Love the last one! Got to love the JoBros.

  4. We should go get Bud Light Limes after the movie!

  5. oh wow. the piano & guitars on the beach picture makes my soul happy.

  6. love the pics! justin's hair $ face are ridiculous. oh my. what a hobo. you are gorgeous in all of your pictures. youuuuu biotch.

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  8. I love the "Jessica contemplating" one!!