Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My windows look into your living room.

Last night was a success! After work, Jesse, Sean, James, Adam and I grabbed some Thai food pre-Tegan & Sara. Honestly, I've never been much of a Thai food fan until I met Jesse, who introduced me to Thai Iced Tea, and hell, I'll eat anything as long as I can sip on that glorious concoction.

Moving on.

We met up with Kells at Terminal Five, for my second Tegan & Sara show of the year! It was their second night in a row in New York, so I think the set list was a bit more experimental and ranging than usual. They sounded great as usual, but I liked May's set list much better. The show happened to kick off with one of my favourite songs - "Call it Off" - but I don't think it was the best way to get the show started. Yeah, let's start with the one that makes me tear up ("maybe you would have been something I'd be good at..."). Wasn't feeling it. But not to worry, those girls can sing and their performance with the band rocked. They also played "Living Room," which holds a special place in the hearts of Kells and me, because it was the first Tegan & Sara song we heard when our bestie Amber sent it to us in college. I simply love all of their songs, and they're two of the most endearing people to sing along with.

After the show, the boys and I were walking to the subway when Jesse's iPhone reported that the Angels just tied with the Red Sox in the playoff game. I immediately suggested we find a sports bar before the game ended (I suppose we're not the most typical of Tegan & Sara fans...) We made our way to Barcelona Bar, where we saw Varitek's awesome 3rd base tag-out, and Bay come round the bases for the win! Then the bar gave all the Sox fans a free shot. Drinking ensued.

And tonight, The Bronx is guest-DJ'ing at Trainwreck! I'm going to watch the rest of the debate and head to AK!


  1. hon you need to come here and you will get some heavenly ice tea and I will introduce you to some real good Thai food.

  2. Ahhh I need to marry Thai Iced Tea. Seriously. It's burst of all kinds of flavor matched with some spicy pad thai. I need some now. Officially. Thank you.

  3. chicks love thai iced tea so much. its a phenomenon.

  4. thai iced tea is amaazzzinnngggg. i always get it at chang mai thai in uptown here. mmm. go figure, justin was the one who first showed me the wonders of it. conspiracy...

  5. chele - i would LOVE to come to Thailand, girl! i'm sure we'd have an awesome time!!

    kristen - ooooh, marrying thai iced tea? i think jesse may have some new competition...

    sean - don't deny it's awesomeness.

    lindsay - haha! that's awesome!