Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our hell ends every weekend.

I know my crytpic words are frustrating, but I'm a bit superstitious. I'm also still bummed about last night, and I only hope a phone call comes through tomorrow with good news.

So, I'm trying to think positively. As my dad told me last night, "You're the optimist of the family!"

I am excited because tonight Jesse and I are purchasing a couch! For the past year (since the previous couch's demise due to dog pee), we've been living off a small futon my parents got me for Christmas for stay-over guests. We threw some cushioning on it and it became our "couch." It's not a couch. It's a small, very uncomfortable futon with NO back support. It sucks. I'll be sure to post before and after couch pictures.

Other things I'm postive about: the weekend!!!, AGAINST ME! on Saturday night, Jesse and I cracking down on the wedding planning this weekend, and again, it's the weekend!!

I need to find a picture that makes me happy now...if I find one, I'll post it. I'd say it's unlikely, given my irritable mood today, but that would be unoptimistic of me!


  1. I ♥ Against Me! Have fun!

    Do you have a date set for the wedding.

    I am getting married 9/26/09!

  2. hey new friend amber! yes, we're getting married next summer...we have a bunch of things planned, and we're totally STOKED. :)

  3. failblog! never fails to not just cheer me up, but laugh my ass off.

  4. sarah - LOVE failblog. yay. the dingle-berry one still has me laughing.

  5. Crack down on that wedding planning girl -- we're into honeymoon planning stage. I've spent a leeetle too much time researching vendors in the MA/RI area, so if you come by some names and you want my opinion (because really who wouldn't?) feel free to run it by me :)

  6. never fails to bring a smile to my face. It's a guarantee.

  7. ahh Against Me! should be an awesome show!!

  8. emily - thanks, girl! will do!

    rialeilani - i know! yay!

    jessica - true, true!

    liz - i luff again me!