Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sit right down and make me smile.

Last night, o, beloved last night.

My friends, my friends! I know I write about how much I love them all the time, but I DO. They keep me going. And they definitely kept me going last night.

Because I wake up at 7AM every morning, I tend to leave Trainwreck by midnight at the latest. Well, last night, I was having too much fun to leave. I was dancing to Erica, Rob, and Baya's jams. Making new friends who work for magazines. Discussing Twilight and wastes of life with Katie Brown. Shaking it with Perry, Gaby and Jiscilla. And lots of other people, of course.

Random conversation last night:

Dude: You're engaged to the guy from Motion City Soundtrack, right?
Me: Haha, yes...
Dude: When they play New York, can my friend and I get backstage passes? You see -
Me: They're not playing New York.
Dude (continues to talk, not hearing me): I mean, I'm not really a fan, but I'm a fan of the bands they're touring with...
Me: Yeah, that's the way to get a favor out of me.


Also, part of the reason I stayed is 'cause somebody thought that since I was engaged, I might have CHILDREN. In a joking manner, but meant to call out my nerdy early night. My stubbornness got the best of me. I got another drink. Whatever, I'm a cool mom.

Oh, and Tyler and I noticed that Pete Wentz was there as we walked out. No Ashlee. I don't think? Anyway, I was having too much fun screaming the words to "There's a Party in Your Bedroom" and dancing around to care.

Tyler and I did step out into a monsoon, though. I was carrying KB's copy of Twilight, so I didn't want to get it wet on the walk to the subway, so I just put my coat on top of my head and hugged the book close while Tyler guided me down the sidewalks like I was blind. Good dude. We had a conversation this morning -

Tyler: I didn't even remember why my clothes were all soaked.
Tyler: So I figured it rained or I peed everywhere
Me: Yeah, that's a legit thought.

Ha! So now I'm waiting for this quite busy work day to be over, because you know what's waiting for me?? COUCH! TV! YES! And oh boy, my Pie Maker comes back tonight...

It's no Fianz replacement (OBVS!), but I fully anticipate warm, fuzzy feelings while watching the Pushing Daisies premiere.

Speaking of the Fianz, he tucked me into bed last night with his voice, as he does every night, and I am so excited for his extended break from tour starting on Sunday. I can't stop thinking about it! I'm squealing! Yay! Love life! My friends! Kittens! Unicorns! Wow, I'm annoying.


  1. Hahaha you are too funny. I miss you!! Me in NYC soon I hope =/

  2. i'm sure you will disappear from the internets altogether once that boy comes home! and then who will make me want to buy a million songs on itunes everyday?

  3. this blog makes me want to barf.

  4. aileen - i miss you too! i hope you get to come to NY! either way, i'm probs going to that tour (need to do research) because, hello, dashboard. ;)

    sarah - oh, i shall continue when he's back. do not doubt me. this time he'll be back for a good long while...enough to establish a "routine" and not use every single second to spend time with him before he leaves again. but, i suppose there's always a little of that urgency! ha.

    dagger - your face makes me want to barf.

  5. Sounds like you had a great night - you must be KNACKERED now though!!!

  6. Keanu Robot?!

    and yes, Aileen needs to come back.

  7. !!! I love Pushing Daisies! I am so excited for it to come back...

  8. I almost forgot about the premiere tonight. What would I do without your blog?!

  9. i didnt know you were engaged to jesse johnson.

    i love motion city soundtrack. i saw them once in philly at the tla. it was a really good show.

  10. I love "whatever, I'm a cool mom"

    Oh and lee pace. I love him too.

  11. paula - it was a rough day!

    el adam - keanu robot is so close!

    adriana - me too!!!! GAH!

    alice - probably wither away while missing the new season of pushing daisies and the lovely, longing stare of the pie maker. ;)

    liz - yup! i went to their last show at the TLA, i think!! i love philly shows because i can take the train right after work and meet up!

    c-diddly-d - whom i assume is dex. HA. LEE PACE! LEE PACE! LEE PACE!

  12. A) I'm so glad to see that Pushing Daisies managed to get Wednesday night priority, it makes me proud

    B) I love Anna Friel (not as much as Zooey but she's up there)

    C) You need to get the Wonderfalls DVDs... another one of Fuller's shows... Lee Pace is the brother.

  13. Your happiness is not annoying at all, it's contagious. :) Maybe I'll have to check out Pushing Daisies, sounds like everyone loves it!

  14. rick - a) thanks to you! b) okay, you can have anna friel, and i'll take lee pace. c) interesting...i also want to see that visually crazy movie he was in earlier. and miss pettigrew. how come i haven't seen that?!

    jen - haha thanks! definitely get the first season of PD - it's only like ten episodes or something! :)

  15. How great was Pushing Daisies last night? Just the right amount of "Ned and Chuck and those OUTFITS MAKE ME MELT," don't you think?

  16. renee - SO ADORABLE! i am so obsessed with the clothes - and her makeup!! I wanted her makeup!!

  17. I love Pushing Daisies!

    That's cool that you're engaged to a Motion City Soundtrack dude. I love that band as well.

    I met Justin in Minneapolis at a Format show.

  18. amber - pushing daisies is the best <3 glad you like mcs! they are tremendous people, and i'm so lucky to be engaged to jesse. he's amazing :)