Monday, October 6, 2008

You took me out and took me in.

After a week and a half of Erica and I consuming How I Met Your Mother's first season, I can say that I love the show. On Friday night, with both of us feeling a little under the weather, we found comfort in our new friends! But before you deem us pathetic Friday-night social truants, watch the gag reel on the DVD for the first season, and tell me you didn't laugh hysterically! Also, I may or may not have a newfound crush on Jason Segel.

I met up with Sean on Saturday morning for my day as a nurse. We went into Manhattan together and I stayed in the dentist's waiting room trying to phase out all the drills I could hear by reading Twilight, while Sean got ONE wisdom tooth broken and scooped out of his mouth.

He seemed fine when he walked out, and we went to a pharmacy to purchase his meds before heading back to my apartment to spend the day "caretakering" (me) and passing in and out of painkiller-induced sleep (him). Okay, okay, I napped, too. We successfully watched most of Pushing Daisies' first season, and Sean became a fan. Yes! I talked to my parents and told them of the situation and my dad referred to Sean as our apartment's "stray cat." All signs point to yes.

After beating the brothers Walsh at another round of Rummy, I bid them goodnight and spent some time cleaning and organizing the room. On Sunday morning, Jesse texted me to say his plane had just landed and I was so excited - though, there's usually an hour or an hour and a half just to get home from any of the NY airports, so I wasn't holding my breath. However, two minutes after the text, he was at the door! He likes that suprising-trickery stuff.

I'm making up a lot of words in this post, I know.

I'll skip over the reunion barftime (go ahead and breathe that sigh of relief). A couple of hours after his return, apartment 410 SUITED UP and headed out the door to Standings, a bar that plays the Patriots game (because it wasn't on effin' tv...GRR!!). Oh, and by "suited up," I mean in our respective Pats jerseys - yeah! It was a pretty great game to watch, as the Pats won. And it was fun having some other Patriots fans to high-five as well - including JTJ and Perry, and then some strangers (a girl with a # 69 Pats jersey inscribed "Cookie" - hm). Sure, we were also surrounded by the likes of Sarti, Doug, Scott, and other non-Patriot fans, but the place had six or seven different games going on, so there was a lot of reason for any football fan to be there.

Or baseball fan. We headed home after the football game to catch the Red Sox playoff game, but after spending a whole day on my feet drinking beer and cheering the Patriots, I found myself slipping in and out of consciousness towards the end of the game - you know, at ONE AM. Doesn't the MLB know I work on Mondays? And after semi-staying up that late, they lost. Sadly.

But not-so-sadly was finally arriving at the final destination of MY BED! And cuddles. And...sleepy yay.

Tonight, you ask? What are my plans tonight?? Hm, nothing much...except for: TEGAN & SARA LIVE at Terminal Five! Hey oh! Yeah, I bought these tickets months ago and just remembered. YES!


  1. after your show review a couple months ago i've been itching to see tegan and sara live. but there aren't coming to detroit any time soon :(

  2. You described pretty much my ideal weekend -- friends, dvds, sports and relaxing with the guy! PS -- the sox play tonight, don't forget!!! But they start at 8:30, so I'm sure they will be on when you get home :)

  3. ooooh have fun tonight at T&S. Definitely getting tickets next time they're here...I felt so bad for sean. I think I had 4 taken out at once and I was wreck for a drugged up they had to wheelchair me out to my mom's car and push me in...

  4. Ah I feel your pain about the game last night. I tried staying up late to watch it which unfortunately made me delusional in the morning. I could have sworn they won so I came in all excited to find out they lost :(

  5. I hope Sara will remember me and pluck me out of the crowd ala Courtney Cox in the Bruce Springsteens video.

    Then I will brag to her that my team won the Stanley Cup.

  6. Either:

    in Bruce Springsteen's video*


    in the Bruce Springsteen video*

  7. Jealous. I adore Tegan and Sara... but I've only been a fan for about a year, so you probably deserve it more than me. HAVE FUN :)

  8. For MAJOR swoon session of Jason Segel please see: Freaks and Geeks. Probably one of the best shows ever. You will be in love.

  9. That sounds amazing - and T&S?!

    Have an amazing time!

  10. sarah - gah, they're so great live. they're sets are really tight, and i dig the drums live. i think this is the end of their tour cycle, but i'm sure they'll hit up michigan in the future!

    emily - it was an ideal weekend! and last night we got out of the show at around 1110, at which point the Angels took the lead, so we hurried to the nearest sports bar and caught the win! then the bar gave all the sox fans free shots. YES! LOVE SOX FANS IN NY!

    meik! - sean only got one wisdom tooth out, so don't feel too bad. hahaha jk ;)

    kristen - yeah, waaaay too late. but they won last night, so all is right in the world again!

    el adam - sorry sara didn't pluck you out of the crowd! or sign your bra.

    mermanda - thanks! it was tons of fun, and i'm so in love with them. top five bands ever, i'd say. i've already seen them twice this year! woo!

    michelle - intesestingly enough, i never got into freaks & geeks, but i may have to rewatch. i swear i tried like four years ago but it amounted to me falling asleep every episode.

    kyla - thanks!!! t&s forever! ;)

  11. I love How I Met Your Mother! I just got into it this year.

    All is good on the Boston sports front. I'm preparing myself for some late nights in fenway bars.

    Oh and enjoy the show. I've heard they're great live but haven't seen them yet.

  12. Ginny - it's so so amazing! i don't know how i didn't watch teh show! i went to school in boston, at BU, and I longingly remember running down Comm Ave to Kenmore Square many a time in a drunken flurry. Boston sports are the best!