Monday, December 8, 2008

Let December glow in flames.

What a weekend. December is probably the busiest month ever; each moment of free time as of late is devoted to Christmas shopping or social engagements and, in my case, wedding planning.

Last week, most days after work I was doing one or the other. So when Friday rolled around I was pooped and crashed on the couch. And then Jiscilla showed up! Since moving outside of the city, I've missed that girl and was stoked when I heard she'd be in town! So the couch hangs continued with Jiscilla. Then the boys came over for the now-traditional Friday night poker game and I came in third to break even, but had pretty lousy hands all night.

I cherished my Saturday morning sleep-in, and then Jesse made Jiscilla, Erica, and I bacon-egg-cheese croissant sandwiches after his run (I know, so lucky). Then we took little Keanu for his last booster shot at the vets. We spent the rest of day checking off a lot of wedding planning whatnots, and then we played Jesse's new game obsession, Cribbage, and he taught me Backgammon.

I know. We sound like we're eighty years old. I promise we acted our age on Sunday.

I woke up early on Sunday morning and finished up some projects while letting Jesse sleep. Then I scheduled the rest of our day and promptly woke him up, ha. We got brunch, and then went to a movie, all in time to go to Standings to watch the Patriots game. Except something happened with the theaters and when we arrived at 1:57 for the 1:55 film, there was a huge line outside the theater. Very confusing. The movie (Rachel Getting Married) was running twenty minutes late, which totally irked me and my organized plans. ("A plan is just a list of things that don't happen.") So we didn't sit down in the theater until twenty-five minutes after the thing was supposed to start, thus, we were late to the football game and missed the first quarter. But that doesn't matter because we had a grand time drinking with our friends and watching the Pats WIN. YES!

Also, I swear it's like Panic! at the Disco hides in the corners of New York bars - Spencer, the drummer, was at Standings watching football. Or just talking to his managers, whatever. I highly doubt any football patronage from the likes of him. He wasn't wearing a jersey like the rest of us!

Afterwards, we wanted to continue our victory celebrations, and our reign of complete fun, that Erica, Jesse, Sean and I headed with Katie and Perry to their place a couple of blocks away. Now, pay attention here, cause Sean ran into a restaurant on the way and asked for a plastic fork, and Jesse picked up a discarded pizza box lying on the street. And then when we got to the apartment, Jesse made this:

What is this, you might ask?

This is a cribbage board Jesse constructed with promises of endless entertainment, that became less promising while Perry, Katie, Erica, and I began sipping sake and watching the Ravens game. The night continued with laughs and jests (seriously, I'm so eighty!) and then we went home to a couple of more games and glorious, glorious sleep.

Now it is Monday and it's a little less fun. How was your weekend?


  1. My weekend was pretty relaxing. We did some brief Christmas shopping on Saturday.

    Saturday night, we caught up on our BBC watching.

    Yesterday, we did pretty much nothing and ended our evening with some wine and fajitas.

    Not together.

    I don't have many weekends like this so it's nice when the come around.

  2. I can't believe you actually know how to play cribbage.

  3. okay, crib rules but my buddy josiah (from missouri) taught me this dice game that's even better. i can't go into the details right here but it's six dice and you score points with runs, pairs etc. and by rolling ones and fives to keep rolling....

    now ask everyone you know if it sounds familiar...


  4. three things.

    1. love hearing about your weekends. and your tree is stinkin gorgeous, almost as gorgeous as your new roomie!

    2. what wedding stuff are you guys up to these days? please share!!!!!!!


    3. do you know chris from surviving myself in real world? bc if you do then this really is a scary small world. i read his fiance's blog, couch cubicle, although i've never met her. anyway just a bizarro coincidence. hope all is well!

  5. ooo fun weekend. i definitely think Panic! band members are stalking you.

    and also, cribbage? really? i'm not sure I even really know what that is.

  6. saturday i hang out with my brother and did laundry.

    sunday i shopped for vitamins, christmas cards, and then spray painted a christmas tree black and decorated it with silver and white ornaments.

    if you're eighty then i'm ninety.

  7. Home made cribbage?!
    All that picture is, is more reasons why we would get along.

  8. Pretty cool cribbage board! That's gotta be one of a kind.


  9. amber - sounds relaxing :)

    chris - i know! crazy.

    erin - HAHAHA

    sabrina - thanks! i don't know chris in real life, although he's probably given me the stinkeye on the streets of manhattan before. ha. ;)

    bethis - ha, nobody under the age of 60 should know what it is. but jesse leads us all down mysterious paths... (also, he's 60)

    amanda - oooh, black christmas tree sounds awesome!

    kyla bea - it's SO ridiculous.

    sean - i know.

    joe - it's definitely one of a kind. also, so weird, i went to your site, and we definitely own crash cribbage, fyi. we just got it, but haven't played it yet.

  10. Jessica,
    Cool! I do recall shipping a board to Brooklyn recently! Let me know how you like it. There will be an online version available at in about a week. I'm so excited. It's free to play there and you can play people from all over the world.

    Cheers, and keep blogging!