Monday, December 1, 2008

Must be what's best for me, ooh.

How was everybody's Thanksgiving?!

My weekend was incredibly busy, and it didn't end today (Monday)! Let me backtrack, and I'll try to do this in a succinct manner:

Jesse and I packed up the car and the kitten on Wednesday and headed out on our three-hour drive to central Massachusetts which ended up taking six hours (yep). But we were so happy to arrive and be greeted by my mom, dad, and brother!

The next day we headed up to New Hampshire for the annual reunion. We were greeted by a 700-pound dog. A mastiff, I believe it is called:

Anyway, there were ten other dogs, and I stayed by Jesse's side. He really is the bestest. Because he knew I was apprehensive about having to spend a day up there in my always-awkward state, and he did a lot of talking and it really put me at ease. There was a lot of wedding questions and whatnot, but that's to be expected. And it's not as dire a subject as "what are you doing with your future?!" Because I know. Yay!

My Uncle Arthur and my dad!

Dude and me.

My brother Travis and my cousin James.

The family played football after the delicious meal (not me, ha) and Jesse seemed winded, but made it through like a champ.

(Jesse, at the beginning of the game, of course.)

The next day we did Thanksgiving in Rhode Island at my Tia Kim and Uncle Arthur's house. This is my favourite day of the long weekend because we get to see all our Rhode Island friends and family. Jesse taught me cribbage and we played a lot of that!

On Saturday I went shopping with my mom, got a haircut, and then we bought a Christmas tree and decorations!! It's Our First Christmas Tree! My dad helped us strap it to the rental and then we had a lovely dinner at a local Greek pizza place and then saw Australia. LOVE. I love, love, loved it! And I despise Nicole Kidman! But I love Baz & Hugh & the general feel of the epic. I'll probably write about this more soon, since 2008 is almost up (omg it's December...) and it's already managed to get into my top ten of the year film-wise.

Keanu had great fun at my parent's house and enjoyed hanging out on the couch with all of us. Of course, everybody fell in love with him as well. On Sunday, Jesse and I made brunch for my parents and then they made us dinner during the Patriots game (let's not talk about that) and then it was time for us to head back home. We packed up and this time the ride really was only three hours!

Today was a crazy-busy day at work and there's something up with my left eye and when I came home apartment 410 totally got festive by decorating our tree! All gold! Erica baked cookies! We played Christmas movies! Yeah!

In all, I have so much and so many people to be thankful for! Also, thank you for the comments regarding Keanu's first car trip and my hairs - you're awesome! And now I must end this hastily written post because I'm exhausted!

(Why, yes, I may or may not have decorated the cats in the holiday spirit as well... tree pics to come!)


  1. despite the obvious that you are related, your Dad,brother and you look so much alike

  2. wow! That is a busy weekend. I'm tired from just reading about it. ;)

  3. That dog is huge!

    You're weekend sounded like it was really nice. You and Jesse are cute and your kittens are adorable! :)

  4. I yearn -- yes yearn -- for the day where the family stops with all the questions. I used to think it would be after the wedding, since 'marriage' would officially make me an adult right, but now I'm thinking I'm going to have to pop out a child before I really get left alone. Irony, right? Sounds like a fun weekend! PS -- Local Greek restaurant? I am sort of in CMass and love Greek -- do you remember the name?

  5. Mastiff's rule, my old boss had one named beast that was 2x my size. turner and hooch style, they are so lovable.

  6. That is a gigantic dog. It's RAD, but gigantic.

    I want to see what your tree looks like! I love Christmas! I'm getting our tree tonight...

  7. Wow, photos of animals and Jesse. Shocking.

  8. Ah you and the fianz are adorable! Can't wait to see the tree!

  9. I <3 the dog! a bull mastiff is my dream dog.

    Our thanksgiving was so tiny compared to all that! josh and i had a beef roast (we're not really turkey people) then we went to his co-workers house to watch my longhorns STOMP the aggies! it was great.

  10. chele - i know! we have le genes. but we honestly don't get that THAT much, weird.

    amber - haha!

    liz - thanks!

    emily - omg, questions. omg, babies. hahaha it's in charlton, mass and it's called Zorba's. the pizza is DELICIOUS!

    adam - i can't take them that big! (...that's what she said?)

    adriana - tree pictures pronto!

    jonah - i'm never hanging out with you again. are you bringing your future wife to trainwreck tonight?

    kristen - thanks!

    amanda jo - sounds like you a good thanksgiving nonetheless :)

  11. ah hah! now I see why you had hugh on the brain and share my love for furry men.

    your family and love are so friekin cute. and your kitty. and everything!

  12. aww sounds like such a fabulous weekend! thanks for sharing it with us!