Thursday, January 29, 2009

We will keep it going strong.

Me, Jiscilla, Kelly, Erica, and Christy.

I know how annoying it must be when I talk about my girlfriends every five seconds and how much more awesome they are than yours, but it's the straight truth.

I'm just kidding - kinda.

The Curbside Gang formed in 2006, on a random curb in Rhode Island, consuming Rita's Italian Ice. Some of us knew each other better than others, but that would all change starting right then. Within a year we were all living in New York. Once here, the The Curbside Daily began - a running dialogue between the five of us via Gmail (we accept no other email form) in which we discuss EVERYTHING. This daily email has been going on for TWO YEARS now. We make plans, we talk about current events, we gossip, we share everything that's going on with us, we talk about our futures, we ask questions, we give advice, we "pretty much" divulge our secrets, we go back and forth on TLC specials about women who didn't know they were pregnant, etc., etc., etc. Seriously, at any point during the day, we can turn to each other.

Christy and Jiscilla have since moved to Texas and Connecticut respectively, but the Daily continues. And though email is viewed by some as a deterioration of meaningful communication - I assure you our emails mean the world to each of us and we appreciate a way in which we're all connected, because even when we were living in the same city, we all have different schedules and careers and obligations. The Daily keep us together and I couldn't be more thankful to have the words of those four intelligent and amazing girls in my inbox every day, all day (and night). This is, I think you can see, partly a thank you to them.

And yes, Kelly there is holding up a necklace that says "Curbside." That's how we roll.


  1. love this - support this - have this too :)
    maybe its a bit different, but its a constant dialogue with people i couldnt live without. thank goodness for friends.

  2. it's really awesome that you have friends like that!

  3. Ahhh awesome! Your friends look super fun!

  4. You are very lucky ladies to have eachother.

  5. my best friend and I do this. We call them captain's log. We are dorks.

  6. i envy you the girlfriends....

    ps: tell erica i like the hair.