Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My world's full of people.

Me and fellow blogger Gaby at the Single Bloggers Mixer at Trainwreck last night! Notice that engagement ring? Ha.

So this photographer, from Guest of a Guest (a kind of NYC social/socialite website?), handed his laptop out to his subjects to look like we were "liveblogging." I mean, I kind of was from my iPhone (see Kells below!). I thought it was hysterical when he handed it to me, thus - a picture of me grinning like a kook and pretending to type and Gaby shocked by my scandalous writing on the very black screen.

Let me back up - Erica and I met up with Gaby and Kells for dinner to celebrate the Birth of Kells. It was grand fun, and I have found a new favourite restaurant. The Cuban food reminded me of my mom's cooking and Panamanian food, from platanos to patacones to empanadas. We all devoured our meals. I must go back, and soon.

Afterwards, we headed to Angels & Kings for the Single Blogger Mixer and the usual Tuesday night dance party. I didn't do much "mixing" as I'm engaged, and I love people-watching. We had some fun reading the body language of a very forward-sitting girl who was obviously crushing on a very turned-away from and disinterested hoodied boy. I wanted their blog addresses! But, I didn't want to intrude on the natural progression of their waxing and waning conversation.

Erica's cubemate Allison was there, who told us of her day in which she accidentally hung up on Mandy Moore, and Kells shot back with the day she was answering Matt Lauer's phone during her page days at NBC and she unknowingly asked George Bush Sr how to spell his last name. My friends, they're awesome. And the Brothers Matusow showed...well, the twins Ben and Aaron did. I've known them for years under their other moniker, The SuperNice Guys, so you can guess how awesome they are. And they are quite single, though unfortunately, not bloggers. We discussed their new apartment and their past and present dating lives - funny stuff.

Then Mike came as another celebrator to Kells' birthday shennanigans, again, he doesn't blog, and told me he works with that supergroup Tinted Windows now! Which, I've been hearing all sorts of awesome things about as its made up of James Iha, Taylor Hanson, and Adam Schlesinger. And they're opening for No Doubt on one of their tour dates...oh snap!

After some fun dancing, and throwing my blog tag at Erica in the DJ booth, which ended up on the turn-table and accidentally remixed whatever song was playing (woops), I decided to call it a night. Another successful Tuesday!


  1. this made me super bummed i didn't go last night. :(
    my super early wake up call this morning chose bed.. even though dudebro woke me up with forgotten keys and blaring music.

  2. That sounds like such a fun event!