Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All of my thoughts run right back to you.

So, it's been very busy at work. And it's Jesse's last week in town. Thus, I've been a bit busy. To sum up:

We went to the Red Sox/Mets exhibition game on Friday in which there was a rain delay, and it was freezing, but the new Citi Field is awesome. And then the Red Sox lost. BUT BASEBALL IS BACK! On Saturday the Red Sox won, but we weren't there, and instead I got a little brunch with Jesse and we went to the local diner for late night hangs with our friends. On Sunday, Jesse, Katie Brown, and I saw Sunshine Cleaning which made me cry like a little baby for most of it, and I liked it a lot. Emily Blunt & Amy Adams are quite talented. Then, because it was such a glorious day out, we trekked to a local park and played bocce ball and bag toss!

Last night, Jesse and I continued watching The Wire Season 2 - we saw the actor who plays Ziggy on the L train on Sunday, and I couldn't bring myself to say anything to him because I really want to punch out his character on the show. Whatever. Seriously, though, the show is SO GOOD.

In other news, I've booked my flight to LA in May! I'm stoked. Other events that are fast approaching: The Matches show next week, MCS in Worcester, Bamboozle, parties, No Doubt shows, Brooklyn Cyclone games...hotly anticipating it all. Oh, and that whole wedding thing, too!


  1. Baseball! Yay!
    What do you have planned for your trip over here to LA???

  2. Matches show next week? Totally went under my radar.

  3. SO jealous about the matches show!!! kidnap them and send them here!!! i think i will be going to LA to visit jp in june. you should be there too. ;]

  4. I've only heard great things about The Wire but I've never seen it. My only connection to it is that I once babysat the kids of the guy who plays Sgt. Jay Landsman (yes, I just had to look that up on IMDB) during an audition he had at a theater I was working at. I guess I should probably check out the show at some point.

  5. sounds like you are going to be super busy! yay for booking the flight to LA!