Thursday, April 16, 2009

Subconsciously motivated natural instinct.

This is my friend, Rick, who blogs HERE and whom I've known since freshman year of college when he lived across the floor from me. He currently lives in the snoozefest that is Reno, Nevada - of course, I only assume this, as I've never been there. But! It is far away, I know this much. The picture above was taken the night we graduated from Boston University in May 2005, and we celebrated by going to what would end up being the last show Midtown ever played. Yeah, we're totally rad. Also, TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY!

A conversation we had last week, demonstrating the essence of our friendship:

Rick: So I am totally loving Ed as you clearly said I would.
Me: How did you get it?!
Rick: Found it online.
Me: Ahhh! Bowling alley lawyer! Justin Long and Ginnifer Goodwin so young! Miss Vessey!! I'm jealous.
Rick: The $10 bets crack me up
Me: The bets were so awesome. It's why I sometimes say "letoose" instead of lettuce! Did you see that one yet?
Rick: That's the one I'm watching now.
Me: WOW!
Rick: That's just how we roll.
Me: It's how we do.

YEAH! We may be across the country, but these parallel situations happen a lot between us. It's positively cosmic.

And this day shares another birthday of one of my closest friends - GABY!!!

Gaby and I met in New York, but we ran in similar but somewhat separated internet circles in the early 2000s via Yahoo! groups. I'm serious. She was heavily involved with a Midtown (there it is again!) group, and I was heavily involved with a Dashboard Confessional group (for which I got interviewed for the Boston Globe about??). ANYWAY, it was hilarious when we discovered our mutual obsessive time on yahoo in our earlier years - we are kindred spirits. Also, her opinion is highly regarded by me, so I ask her about everything in music and pop culture. Which, I happen to do with Rick, too. Weird. Maybe April 16th is reserved for those people born with awesome taste? I'd believe it!


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  1. don't you just love birthdays! even when they aren't yours hahaha