Monday, April 13, 2009

This papercut skin that makes me wince.

Ah, Monday again.

Jesse's last weekend in New York was quite fun - on Friday there was a lot of friends over to play bag toss, indoor bocce, and Apples 2 Apples in a little going away shindig. It definitely was a game night of epic proportions.

On Saturday, Jesse and I had brunch with Jonah Bayer and James, and then proceeded to enlist Jonah as our personal "help Jesse ship stuff" slave. We had to get a bunch of things shipped to LA for his trip, so on the most dreary of rainy days, we trudged around Brooklyn holding a boxed-up bicycle (Jesse), a trainer and skateboard (Jonah) and a moog keyboard (me). We finally found a shipping store that was open and were so exhausted from the hours of manual labor amidst broken umbrellas and soaked jeans, we needed a drink. And Jonah informed us of Rosemary's Greenpoint Tavern around the corner, which serves huge beers in (very environmentally unfriendly) styrofoam cups for $3.50. Sold.

Then Jesse and I ate some dinner and cuddled at home with the last episode of The Wire Season 2. He's under direction to finish Season 3 immediately and send it back to me.

Yesterday we got to the airport a bit late due to a crap cab driver, so Jesse got bumped until the next flight. But, it ended up being okay because Jesse and I got to spend a few more hours together and sometimes that turns into really cute posts I read when I get home. I seem to have taught him well in the arts of internet barftime.

It was hard to see him go past security and wave and turn away, but the good news is that I am seeing him again on Friday because Motion City is playing a show in Worcester! I know, so anticlimactic, I know!! Technically, he's living in LA until July, but we are always sure to see each other as much as we possibly can. And if it's next weekend, I'm STOKED on next weekend already, of course.

Last night on the couch, Keanu and I were a little blue to not have Jesse sitting next to us. Keanu quickly fell asleep so as not to endure too much of the pain unsettling him in his consciousness - he's quite sensitive.

So for now, it's regular ol' long distance, but I have a new advocate in Fianz updates - Mark Hoppus. He twittered about working with Motion City today and posted a pic -

'Cause that's Jesse's life - today he woke up in LA, worked out, went swimming, and then went into the studio with his band and Blink-182's Mark Hoppus. Whatever. I mean, I'm here in my cubicle being just as cool. Pfft.


BUT TONIGHT!!!! Erica and I are going to see one of our favourite live bands, The Matches, at Mercury Lounge! YES!! I know! We'll be in the front, dancing around, like we do. And tomorrow, their lead singer, Shawn will be guest-DJing with Rob, Erica, and Baya at Trainwreck where I'll be there celebrating GABY'S BIRTHDAY! YEAH!!!

See, I have a lot of fun stuff to look forward to while the Fianz is away - not that it will detract from how much I'll miss him! But with friends like mine, I know I'm always in a good way.


  1. awww cute faces! cubes and internets are way cooler than all that rockstar stuff.

  2. man my life sounds boring compared to yours so you got me beat in the cool department.

  3. Ahh, I was so far behind on your blog - ugh, what a bummer it must be to see him go!

    But can't lie, I like seeing those five people in one picture. :) I've heard rumors...of shows...possibly close to where I the very near future...must obtain more information...immediately.

  4. long distance stinks but hopefully it will go by quickly and there will be lots of trips in between!

  5. Sarah - yeah, but SWIMMING? I would rather be hanging out in a pool in the sun than in my cubicle without windows :( Ha.

    Ginny - Your life is awesome, woman!!

    Brittany - Yes, you should find some information - if you come to a dead end, just e-mail me :)

    Ria - exactly!! Thanks!