Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I could handle your tortured heart.

I'm not sure if you've noticed, or if you're entirely aware, but it's Mandy Moore Week. Yup. See, she's in town, and through my bestie Erica, who is "working" her album, I've been able to go to a bunch of events for Amanda Leigh.

Like, last night. We went to this uber-posh and quite secret bar (apparently it's some new hot spot called "Avenue") for a private album release party thrown by Coach. Honestly, when I heard that Coach was throwing the shindig, I expected to be in a marble-white Coach store surrounded by purses I couldn't afford, and sipping out of dainty champagne flutes.

(Mandy last night at Avenue via)

However, Erica and I arrived to the address only to find a huge black door with no signs. The only reason we knew it was the right place was because a guy popped out with a clipboard and asked if we were on the list. Which, of course, we were. We walked into a large, dim room in all shades of beige and black. We hurried upstairs for some reason and found a tinier, even darker room with a bar and saw Mandy sitting back on a couch eating some appetizers. We ordered a drink and then my head swiveled to see Ryan Adams standing nearby, engaged in conversation with a couple of other people.

Oh. Hey.

There were maybe fifteen people in the room, all of whom I presumed either worked in music or at Coach. The DJ played a few Amanda Leigh songs and it was a cool evening...or, rather, I felt a little cooler than usual. But I'm still Jessica, and I may or may not have squealed silently when I saw Mandy sidle next to Ryan and exchange smiles. He seemed totally at ease and happy to support his lady - not what I expected from many reports I've read of his erratic behavior.

At the same time, I avoided Mr. Adams because - and I may have said this before - I don't really relish meeting my faves. Kind of takes away from the idea of them I've conjured up in my head. And, I'm usually an awkward idiot in these types of situations, so I'm sure something weird and highly embarassing would happen. FOR EXAMPLE, I did get introduced to Mandy last night by her manager, who introduced me as "Danielle." Yes. I did not correct him. I just smiled and shook her hand. Like an idiot.

By the way, she seemed really excited for the album, totally humble, gorgeous, and nice. As I expected. (Oh, and she's really, really tall.) But...I can't even imagine what would have happened if I met Mr. Adams. I mean, this BLOG is titled after a lyric in one of his songs. I've been listening to him for years, I've championed his music when others call it too "unedited" (PFFT), I buy his books of poetry, and I was the. biggest. fan. ever. of his blog. These are just a few of the things that would lead to intimidation which would lead to brain melting symptoms if we were to ever meet. (This also goes for Gwen Stefani, and the Top Five.)

What's funny is that in LA, I met a dude named Daniel, through Matt and Tony of MCS. Daniel grew up with them...and Daniel plays keyboards for Mandy Moore. (Your brain is melting now, isn't it?) Anyways, so Daniel was there last night, and we caught up, and talked about birthdays and playing shows and he mentioned what a "sweetheart" Ryan really is. All good, all good. Daniel also asked about my blog address after I mentioned I held a contest, and I just don't think I'm ready to hand it out to the dude - well, maybe when Mandy Moore Week is off the front page...

I'm SUPER EXCITED for tonight's Mandy Moore show at Highline Ballroom! I really can't wait to hear all the new songs, as I've been listening to them non-stop and I'm kind of in love with Amanda Leigh. Plus, I'll be seeing the MMW Contest Winner Christiana! And quite a lot of friends and other notables, as I'm hearing it's quite the hot ticket in town tonight...

Also, sidenote, I'll be holding another contest soon open to EVERYONE, not just those within reach of Manhattan!


  1. I was going to post a snarky comment, but you beat it to me with your tag. Not gonna lie, the fact that you're much more intelligent than me is getting kind of old...

  2. Jealoussssss! But seriously, that is really awesome and I totally understand about not wanting to shatter the built up image in your head. And you were thatclose. WHO else can say that!? I'm living vicariously through your blog.

  3. i'm super jealous that you got to meet Mandy Moore. i do <3 her :)

  4. I would be way to nervous to talk to Ryan Adams. It still would be awesome to see him in person though