Monday, June 1, 2009

I'll make this painless, try to be sweet.

What a glorious weekend it was! On Friday, Erica, Kelly and I had another official summer date - dinner at Sweet Emily's and then a movie. What movie? Well, Star Trek. Yes, third time! Yes, Chris Pine has officially entered my Top Five. And I'll discuss those included in the top five in another post. For now, know that Jon Hamm was kicked out (this may change on August 16th...) and neither Keanu Reeves nor Ryan Adams were ever in contention, however intrigued I am by their works.

Here's another thing about Star Trek - my best friend Kelly is not a fan of science fiction. She has very high standards when it comes to movies. It has to be thought-provoking and usually indie and/or star Zac Efron. She despises sci-fi, period pieces, and cheesiness (except where Mr. Efron is concerned). She loves Wes Anderson films and Natalie Portman. But she looooved Star Trek. This is the highest recommendation I can give. "Oh why haven't you checked out [Movie]? Kelly saw it and loved it." That usually makes any friend of mine who knows Kelly, go see the movie. That's why her nickname is Kells For the Win.

On Saturday, Erica and I hosted our annual rooftop BBQ! We had some real fun with our good friends! Per usual.

Jen & Molly!

Gaby, Katie, Sean.

Kristen, Lauren Ashley, Cara, Rob.

Molly, Ben, Kristen, Lauren Ashley.

Andrew, Katie, Jonah.

Rob, Jaime, Andrew.


After the festivities, we headed into Manhattan to see Tyler & Pete's band A Great Big Pile of Leaves play a show at Lit Lounge. It was uberfun and I love their music - it's quite interesting to watch Tyler's skills at the drums. He said he will teach me how to play some Foo Fighters songs on the drums in the future (holding you to that, T-Bone!). Anyway, they're working on a video right now for a new song and a) the video is awesome and b) I can't get the song out of my head!! More on that when it's released!

Yesterday I caught up with a lot of things on my checklist, and also caught the MTV Movie Awards because I heard Chris Pine was presenting an award. There was actually a few good moments during them, none that topped Pine's cardigan + oxford + tie ensemble, though. Let's be honest.

Later today I'll be announcing the winner of my Mandy Moore contest! We had a very astute reader come through on Saturday with a one-step answer and I think that's put off any other contestants from leaving a comment :)

How was your weekend?!


  1. Someone asked me this morning if I was a Kirk girl or a Spock girl. I said "I'm a Bones girl" and got a funny look. Surely I can't be the only one?

    (I had a *fantastic* weekend! Thanks for asking.)

  2. Haha - definitely not the only one! I've seen a few...Bones is #2 to me. I wrote about him in that Pine Flu post a few back. I have to re-watch Lord of the Rings now or something...

    Glad you had a great weekend, Zan. Meet-up SOON!

  3. I had to pick one day in the month of May to work at BN before I left for FL and my dumb ass had to choose the day that would become annual Rooftop BBQ day... I'm saddened by my lack of a time machine that would have allowed me to realize this beforehand.

  4. Nice, I go to 2 rooftop BBQ's at your place last weekend with a total of 8 people combined both days, you come back and all the sudden everyone wants in.

  5. Adam - Aw, bumout! I miss you!

    Jam - Hahaha, well, you should stay in BK more often. It's your HOME! Jk jk, you're just a trendsetter.

  6. rooftop BBQ's look awesome!

  7. I agree about Pine's ensemble during the MTV Movie Awards, Very Nice. I was cheesed for the minutes he was up on stage.