Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Meet our winner, Christiana!

Christiana holding her copy of Amanda Leigh! YAY!!

Mandy Moore played a spectacular show last night at Highline Ballroom. I've been to a lot of concerts, and I have to say that a lot of the time the sound is off or the vocals just aren't at their best - this doesn't mean it's a bad concert! Rather, I expect live music to be a little grittier cause, well, the band is playing there right in front of me, not tweaking around in a studio.

But Mandy's voice was great. Not just great, but BEAUTIFUL. That girl knows how to sing well, and I was thoroughly impressed. Her band members Daniel Clarke (keyboards) and Mike Viola (guitar) joined her on stage for a lovely set. She was wearing bell-bottoms, a screenprinted black tee and a white blazer - an ensemble that totally fit into the 70s vibe of her music. Ryan Adams was at the side of the stage watching raptly and clapping in support.

She seemed so genuine on stage as she continually said "thank you" during the show and acted embarassed over her band members making a crude joke. All the girls I was standing with loved the show (I think this was the first live Mandy performance for all of us) and we all agreed we wanted to be Mandy's best friend.

If you haven't done so yet, check out Amanda Leigh! MMW continues, though I'm still deciding whether I have the energy to attend another Mandy show tonight at Joe's Pub. We'll see!

Here are some sweet pictures taken by Keller last night -

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  1. i love that first picture of her.

    oh and i can't believe you didn't correct your name when you were introduced. i would have spazzed on someone if they gave my name wrong. although for me, having the same name as her would have made things easier, probably...