Friday, August 14, 2009

02 - Bleeding Hearts Club (MPLS Chapter) - P.O.S.

For some reason, Jesse would sing the line "I like the way you comb your hair/I like them stylish clothes you wear" a lot when we first started going out. However, he could never remember what song he was singing - I guess I just subconsciously reminded him of it all the time. Ha.

He finally figured it out, and then he sent me the song. It's pretty damn fun and though Jesse hardly ever dances, we would get down to this song. Hear it on my tumblr or !


  1. Loooooove P.O.S. Didn't think any bloggy friends liked this type of music, but I'm glad to see I was wrong! Heh!

  2. are you sure that lyric wasn't from this (forward to 1:45)
    also ? it's beyond awesome.