Saturday, August 29, 2009

09 - Earth Angel - Death Cab for Cutie

Jesse and I chose this as "our song" to dance to at the wedding - well, it was Jesse's idea and I agreed. It's really romantic, and it went really well with our theme of 50s and 60s music, too. With a twist. And the week before the wedding, literally ten days before, the following comic was published, which Erica brought to my attention --

Click to englarge! Via Dinosaur Comics.

Hahahaha! I had completely forgotten about any Back to the Future references of the song, but I think we all know that any film references at my wedding are a-ok. And this comic is HILARIOUS. Those coincidences just keep coming!

Listen to Death Cab's rendition of "Earth Angel" on my tumblr. It's pretty rad.

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