Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tomorrow I take leave.

I've pretty much packed everything I need for my trip tomorrow. I still don't know where Jesse is leading me to - I just know we have to be at JFK in the morning!

The whirlwind that's taken over the last week of my life is dying down; I'm restless to start relaxing tomorrow.

There are some posts ready to go up in the next couple of days, I hope you like them. There's a lot of barftime heading your way. If you don't like weddings, love, friendship, getting cuted out - you probably shouldn't read while I'm away. Ha. I think I'll be able to check the internet where we are going - but who knows?!

Also, our wedding photographer, the brilliant Channing Johnson, posted a preview of our wedding on his blog. The pictures look immaculate, and I can't wait to see the rest. You'll see them again in future posts!


  1. Have an amazing time! I want a tweet once you find out where you are going :)

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous, Jessica! You looked so classicly beautiful-- I love your dress! Have a wonderful time!

  3. Your wedding photos are amazing. I hope that you two have the best time!

  4. I know I said this before but I love your dress! I'm also a big fan of purple. You both look so happy it's so sweet.