Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Wedding Day - Part I

I slept really well the night before my wedding day. Exhaustion came with rushing to Massachusetts and gathering and dancing. It felt nice to drift off - my parents let me sleep in their master bedroom that night.

I woke up refreshed. I had to run a sort of errand - the day before, my manicure wasn't up to par. There were little bubbles everywhere in my nails and I was annoyed because the bubbles might show up in close-ups of, you know, my hands which held my wedding rings. Any other day and my nails wouldn't matter and I wouldn't have cared. So, I went back to the salon and got them re-done. They came out great, and I made friends with a ten-year-old whose mother brought her in while she was getting a pedicure. She was getting a pretty sweet blue-with-graphics manicure and I complimented her. We then started chatting while our nails dried, and it was very much like that elevator scene in 13 Going on 30 -- no matter if you don't get the reference, but if you do - POINTS.

Then I went home to pick up things for my hair appointment and found my dad watching Pulp Fiction in the living room while Nilda, the cake-baker was frosting the cake in our kitchen and all the Panamanians were doing their nails. I had enough time to grab some food and watch the scene where they revive Uma with an adrenaline shot. "I'm curious about that, myself." - things I watched on my wedding day.

I then met up with my bridesmaids for a lunch in Worcester; I found a place online near the hair salon and we got into the parking lot and it was closed. Awesome. So then my valiant Maid of Honor came through with some place a couple blocks away called "Evo" which was pretty modern & classy for Worcester. Oh, and delicious.

Amber and I before hair & make-up, eating at EVO. (Courtesy of Jiscilla!)

After eating, we were on a mission! We went to my hair stylist's salon, where he was at first taken aback by all the purple outfits my bridesmaids coordinated (they're so great). But then he got to work, first with Kelly. Mark is kind of an outrageous stylist, and he did a great job keeping us unstressed and laughing hysterically.

Oh, and this jerk behind me in this Jiscilla paparazzi shot totally made fun of the purple too. Dude, you're sitting outside a grocery store yelling comments - why are you so angry about the purple?!

Anyway, Kells, Christy, and I were done with our hairs and headed to my house to complete the process, and meet up with Kristy, le make-up artiste! We got home and Kristy got to work on my face!

Our photographer Channing Johnson showed up as we started getting ready, and really captured how everything was going. He hasn't published all the pictures yet, but he blogged a great preview.

My mother and me.

Coming down the stairs, past all my family photos.

Putting on my veil for the first time, Kells standing by.

We went to the backyard and took some photos, and then we were ready to head to the church. The bridesmaids went ahead and then my father and I rode there together in a Rolls Royce (thanks, Dad!!). It was stylin'.

The boys were getting ready themselves...

Then it was time to get married...


  1. i maybe just teared up a little looking though your pictures...maybe, just a little ;)

  2. I love all wedding photos, but yours are super fabulous! I love your dress and veil, and everything is so classy and beautiful! Congratulations again.

  3. chills chills chills!!

  4. so beautiful. i'll say it again, i'm in love with your dress/veil.