Monday, September 21, 2009

I know I'll make sense of me.

The past week has been rather trying. But there's no sense in wallowing or recounting all those low points, and instead do what should always be done, and what I always try to do: the highlights. I am personally someone who can't take long periods around somebody who is negative, constantly complaining, or has a generally sour temperment. Life's too short is the adage, right?

Last Wednesday I recieved an impromptu text from Beth - of the now-defunct Bethis blog - and she was in New York! We met up for drinks after work, and then went out to sing karaoke into the evening. Why, yes, I sang "Just a Girl" by No Doubt, and Beth swears there's a picture of me one of her friends took, but I have yet to see it. It was a great evening, and I had a great time with Beth & Co. on an evening in which I had a lot of errands and chores planned. Score!

I've been reading the fantastic novel, White Teeth by Zadie Smith. I'm truly trying to savor it, and relish in the characters and story.

How hilarious was Thursday night's premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

Erica and I decided to see Jennifer's Body. I like Diablo Cody, the writer, a lot but was certainly wary of the Megan Fox casting. And much to our surprise, we were thoroughly and pleasantly entertained, and Fox wasn't too shabby. I know, you're so surprised, too.

I painted my nails white. It's bringing the color back out in my fading tan - just saying.

Yesterday, Erica and I got up early and went to downtown Brooklyn's Target and I found some lovely pieces that compliment my shorter hair. I found a Anna-Sui-for-Target dress that would have looked dowdy with the long frizzy tentacles of my former hair, but looks downright chic and even fashionably goth with my new length. Plus, I'm trying to make scarves work - I've never been down with scarves or pashmina as part of my ensemble, though I always loved the look on friends or randoms that wore it. So I found two nice scarves to try that out. And, as you can see in the picture above, I'm trying one out today.

Fantasy Football, while in the big picture, was not a great week, had one shining moment: my first round pick, Chris Johnson #28, achieved 46 points for my team! (I'd rather not talk about Tom Brady or the Tennesse defense though...)

Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Emmys = great idea. Far more enjoyable than the Emmys have been in past years. Also, Jon Hamm.

This week? Maybe I'll finally get my Netflix DVDs (yeah they never came and are being re-shipped to me!). Erica's doing her thing on Tuesday night and I plan on joining the Trainwreck festivities! Plus, there could be some museum and/or book reading events to go to! We'll see...


  1. I just can't get into "White Teeth" at all - it's been sitting on my shelf for years and I give it a go every so often but just not working. Oh well.

    But loving the scarf!

  2. I paint my nails white for the same reason. I want to prolong my damn tan, ugh winter.

  3. It's always Sunny was hilarious! I'm so glad it's back!!!

    You look beautiful, Jess <3

  4. minnesota is a very dangerous place to live with a target addiction.

    (p.s. the studio where the mcs fellas have been hangin is about four blocks from my apartment!)